Janice Popisil Canopus Lake Fahnestock OSI Legacy Landscapes:
The Hudson Highlands

As the Open Space Institute celebrates its 40th year conserving land, certain landscapes rise to the top of our record books. They are not just the places where we’ve worked the longest or protected the most land; these are the landscapes where OSI has preserved the fiber of community. These places embody that which makes New York great.


Leyden Woods, Resiliency J Hall photoNeighbors Band Together to Protect Valuable Habitat

In the small farming town of Leyden, MA, near the Vermont border, almost a dozen landowners came together to protect 900 acres of forest and farmland. Collectively known as the Leyden Working Farms and Forest Conservation Partnership, the project site is a priority climate refuge for wildlife that also includes local farms and productive forestlands.


Bio Cities Conference CITACBiocities, Inc. Educates and Builds to Help Transform Cities

OSI’s oldest program exists to help grassroots groups protect land and community at the most local level. One of the recent successes is BioCities Inc., a New York City group of planners, architects and urban visionaries that just fledged as a certified non-profit organization.