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Shawangunk Ridge Greenway

Greg Miller View to High Top Shawangunks 

Affectionately known as the “Gunks”, the Shawangunk Ridge is part of a larger tri-state greenway that stretches for over 245 miles, from near Kingston, New York, to central Pennsylvania. The New Jersey portion of the ridge is known as the Kittatinny Ridge, while the Pennsylvania section of the ridge is known as the Blue Mountains.

The Shawangunk Mountains are one of the most important sites for biodiversity in the northeastern United States. Composed of a gleaming white, durable rock known as the Shawangunk conglomerate, a significant swath of the Shawangunks has been protected by OSI and others over the years as state parkland, state forestland, private nature preserves and other conservation areas. 


Smiley Gate Greg Miller

Shawangunk Ridge Greenway Projects

A list of OSI conservation projects over the years.OSI goal is to protect the entirety of the 50-mile conservation corridor.

Two Valleys Farm List

On each side of the Shawangunk Ridge are two fertile valleys with historic, viable and active farms.
OSI has preserved 21 farms.  


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