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Open Space Institute Announces Loan to Appel Farm Arts and Music Center for Conservation Easement in New Jersey  6/17/2008

OSI Protects Scenic Davis-Arrowhead Farm: Victory for the Rondout and for New York State, New York, NY - 6/2/2008

DEC ANNOUNCES STATE PURCHASE OF 330 ACRES IN THE CATSKILL PARK: Acquisitions Protect Resources, Enhance Recreation on Overlook Mountain - 6/2/2008

Conservation Forestry Network Hosts Workshop on Managing Forests for Multiple Values in the Southern Cumberland Plateau, New York, NY - 5/27/2008

Open Space Institute, Campus Auxiliary Services (SUNY) and NYCDEP Come to Terms on Future of Ashokan Field Campus, New York, NY - 5/12/2008

The Preservation League of New York State’s 2008 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award honors OSI for MacNaughton Cottage in Adirondacks, New  York, NY 5/5/2008 

WHAT DO CONSERVATION EASEMENTS CONSERVE? New Report from the Open Space Institute and the Wildlife Conservation Society Probes Biodiversity Protection in the Northern Forest, New York, NY - 5/ 5/2008

Finding Farmers: Latest in extensive campaign to protect rural character in the Rondout Valley -Brooks/Misner Farm, New York, NY - 4/18/2008 

OSI Awards Grant to Georgia Land Trust for Conservation Easements in Northwest Georgia,
New York, NY - 4/17/2008

OSI Honors Leonard Lauder with The 2008 Land Conservation Award and The Barnabas McHenry Hudson River Valley Awards Announced,
New York, NY- 4/9/2008

Governor Paterson and the Legislature Agree to Record Funds for the Environment, New York, NY 

OSI's 4-H Camp Pine Purchase Allows Public Access to World-Renowned Fishing
New York, NY - 4/4/2008

OSI Protects Historic Osterhoudt Farm in Stone Ridge: Latest in campaign to protect rural character in the Rondout Valley, New York, NY - 3/31/2008

OSI Adds 6,800 acres to Adirondack Forest Preserve Permanent Protection for Tahawus New York, NY-2/20/2008

Lake George Land Conservancy and Open Space Conservancy to Protect 1,423 Acres in Lake George Basin - Bolton Landing, NY - 1/14/2008




2007 OSI's Year In Review- New York - 12/1/2007

Three OSI Farm Projects Awarded State Grants-New York -12/20/2007

Three Farms Saved in the Rondout Valley Latest Growing Effort - Ulster County - 11/8/2007

Partnering for Conservation:OSI and Lyndhurst Foundation Join Forces - 10/15/2007

Conservation Loan Protects Key Parcel in Southern Appalachians - Newland, NC - 10/15/2007

Open Space Institute receives WVLT's 2007 Land Conservation Award - Ulster County - 9/9/2007

Open Space Institute is asked to Provide Testimony at the Plum Creek Hearings- Maine - 9/7/2007

Open Space Institute Leading Eighth Annual Hudson River Valley Ramble Events - 8/27/2007

Open Space Conservancy Selected for National Accreditation Pilot - 8/20/2007

Land Trusts and State Team Up To Protect Egerton Family Farm in Berkshires - 8/8/2007

Praise for Governor Spitzer for Signing Critical Environmental Legislation:
Environmental Protection Fund Increased to $300 million by 2009 - 7/18/2007

OSI Helps Protect 900 Acres in the Berkshires
Contested land contains old growth forests and Lower Spectacle Pond - 7/6/2007

OSI Protects Successful Dairy Farm in the Catskill Watershed - 7/2/2007

OSI Provides Major Loan to the Nature Conservancy for 161,000-acre Finch Pruyn Land Purchase - 6/18/2007

OSI and Finch Pruyn Land Exchange in the Adirondacks Conserves Recreation and Working Forest Lands - 6/6/2007

Greenmarket Farm Permanently Protected

Barnabas McHenry Receives Open Space Institute Land Conservation Award

The Open Space Institute Purchases Arden House and 450 Acres from Columbia University

Highlands Conservation Act Funded for the First Time - $2 Million provided for land conservation projects in the region

OSI Loan Helps Preserve 150 Acres of Watershed Land in Frenchtown

Two Farms Campaign Declared a Success: 180 Acres of New Paltz Farmland Protected

OSC Provides $461,000 Loan to Protect Shawangunk Ridge Parcel

Balancing Conservation and Development in Maine's North Woods: OSI releases its Analysis of Plum Creek's Moosehead Lake Development Plan

Heart of the Shawangunks: Permanently Protected - Open Space Institute Announces Transfer of 3800 acres to New York State's Minnewska State Park Preserve

OSI Provides $2.5 Million Loan to Protect Grafton Notch in Maine



Western Massachusetts Farm Protected From Development

2006 - The Year In Review

Open Space Institute Commends Governor Pataki For Reaching One Million Acre Mark in Open Space Protection

Conservation Continues at Sterling Forest

OSI Acquisition of Harpster Property Expands Bashakill Protection

44 Acres on the Beaverkill River Protected by Open Space Easements

Open Space Institute Announces Loan to Protect Key Watershed and Endangered Species in the New Jersey Highlands

Conservation Forestry Network and USDA Forest Service Announce Formal Partnership and Workshop to Promote Ecological Forestry

Open Space Conservancy Makes $1.8 million Loan for Creation of Hickory Nut Gorge State Park in western North Carolina

Property Agreement Expands Public Access to Recreation along Helderberg Ecarpment in Albany County

Veteran Nonprofit Underwriter Joins OSI’s Conservation Loan Program

Open Space Institute and Partners Permanently Potect Seldom Rest Farm in Orange County - 6/23/2006

Open Space Institute Awarded NYS Conservation Partnership Program Grant - 6/14/2006

Lindenwald, home of the 8th U.S. President, is focal point of OSI’s agricultural conservation strategy
- 5/18/2006

New brochure recommends outdoor escapes that can be reached without a car, lessening dependence on air polluting fossil fuels - 4/19/2006

The Two Farms Benefit Concert: Saving Farms with Music and Dance - 4/3/2006

Conservationists Celebrate Landmark Acquisition in The Gunks - 3/17/2006

Financial Model Can Assess Plum Creek Concept Plan And Alternative Development Scenarios in Moosehead Lake Region - 3/16/2006

OSI’s Western Massachusetts Loan Fund Helps Protect Parcel in New Salem
Acquisition will Preserve Local Character and Ensure Protection of Key Watershed - 3/8/2006

Open Space Institute and Mohonk Preserve Announce Protection of Historic Parcel in Gardiner, N.Y. - 2/7/2006

OSI and Partners Initiate Analysis of Development Proposal by Plum Creek - 1/23/2006

Projects complement earlier acquisitions to protect Saratoga Battlefield and increasingly threatened farmland in Saratoga County - 1/19/2006

Open Space Institute Acquires Adirondacks Property as Addition to Split Rock Wild Forest - 1/19/2006

Parcel Will Be A New Addition To DEC’s Five Rivers Environmental Education Center

(This release Distributed By New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) - 1/6/2006

OSI Loan Helps Protect Historic Farmland in Western Massachusetts - 1/2/2006



New Website Explores Last Great Wilderness - 12/13/2005

OSI Campaigns To Protect Two Farms in Shawangunks - 12/1/2005

OSI's Northern Forest Protection Fund Helps Land Trusts Protect Moose Mountain in New Hampshire - 11/10/2005

OSI Launches New Conservation Finance Program and Announces first loan in Western Massachusetts - 11/10/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Annual Land Conservation Awards - 11/9/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Loans For Conservation In New Jersey - 10/6/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Shawangunk Ridge Addition at Western Gateway - 9/30/2005

OSI Celebrates 40 Years of Conservation - 9/21/2005
Open Space Institute Announces $10 Million Loan Fund for Southern Appalachian Mountains - 8/10/2005

Marc Hunt Joins OSI To Coordinate New Southern Appalachians Program - 8/10/2005

1,568 Acres in NC Mountains: $16 Million View from the World's Edge: Priceless - 8/9/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Workshop Series To Focus On Improving Management of Working Forests - 8/1/2005

Open Space Institute Celebrates Putnam County in Summer Issue of OPEN SPACE - 7/21/2005

Open Space Institute and Mohonk Preserve Announce Collaboration To Protect Coxing Kill Bottomlands - 7/20/2005

Open Space Institute Advances Beaverkill-Delaware Conservation Strategy and Announces Protection of 929 Acres at Camp Eureka in Sullivan and Delaware Counties - 7/12/2005

Open Space Institute Announces New Conservation Funding Program For The Environment: Fund Will Protect Working Landscapes and Open Space in Western Massachusetts - 6/28/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Study Highlighting Conservation Challenges and Opportunities in Western Massachusetts - 6/28/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Loan For Expansion of New Jersey Pinelands Refuge - 6/20/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Easement To Protect Historic Catskills Farm in Sullivan County - 6/13/2005

Putnam Voters Get Historic Opportunity to Approve Open Space Bond - 5/4/2005

Open Space Institute Protects Orange County Farm - 4/27/2005

OSI Teams Up With The Center for Discovery to Protect Catskills Farm - 4/27/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Shawangunk Ridge Addition at Western Gateway - 3/14/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Strategic Acquisition at Storm King Mountain - 3/14/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Acquisition of Three Hundred Acres on the Shawangunk Ridge at “Gobbler’s Knob” - 3/14/2005

Leading Force for American Environment will Pass the Torch in 2006 - NRDC President John Adams Welcomes Frances Beinecke as Successor (Release Courtesy of Natural Resources Defense Council - NRDC) - 3/10/2005

Open Space Institute Announces Sprawl Study
Report Finds Capital Region Not Prepared for Growth
- 2/18/2005

Northern Forest Protection Fund Awarded Grants To Expand Land Protection Program - 1/24/2005

Conference Looks at New Trends in Agriculture - 1/7/2005

Open Space Institute Protects 665-Acre Tract in Hudson Highlands - 1/7/2005

Northern Forest Protection Fund Has Role in Protecting 104,000-acres in Adirondacks - 1/5/2005



Nature Conservancy, Open Space Institute, and Adirondack Council Applaud Senators Clinton and Schumer for Senate Forest Legacy $2.5 Million for Tahawus - 9/16/2004

Open Space Institute Announces Grants to Acquire 75,000 acres of Forestland in Maine - 8/27/2004

Open Space Institute to receive Adirondack Council's Highest Honor in July 10 Ceremony at Fort Ticonderoga - 7/6/2004

Open Space Institute Helps to Finance Protection of 430 acres of land in central and southern New Jersey - 6/23/2004

Open Space Institute Helps to Finance Protection of Mirror Lake in New Hampshire - 6/21/2004

Poll Shows Strong Support for County Conservation Bond - 6/14/2004

Open Space Institute Acquires North Creek Property, Future Site of Museum - 6/11/2004

Our Eighth President Would Be Proud: Van Buren Farm Is Protected In Perpetuity and Tilled For Community Supported Agriculture
Open Space Institute Announces Sale of Farm, Subject to Conservation Easement - 4/2/2004

New Jersey Loan Fund Helps Protect "Heart Of The Pines" And Other Properties In Its First Year- 2/20/2004

Nature Conservancy, Open Space Institute, and Adirondack Council Applaud Bush Administration’s Proposal for FY2005 Forest Legacy Funding - 2/2/2004

Open Space Institute Purchases Additional Lands To Protect Stony Kill Falls - 1/9/2004



OSI and Partners protect Westwood Property in Westchester County - 12/29/2003

Open Space Institute helps protect Stillwater Farm: Effort is part of greater Saratoga Land Protection Plan - 12/19/2003

Open Space Institute Launches Catskills Land Protection Program and Announces Third Acquisition - 12/17/2003

Open Space Institute Helps to Finance Protection of 37,000-acres in 100-Mile Wilderness in Western Maine - 12/15/2003

Open Space Institute and Woodstock Land Conservancy Announce Acquisitions to Launch Campaign to Protect Overlook Mountain - 11/24/2003

From the DEC office
DEC ANNOUNCES 12th ANNUAL ADIRONDACK STEWARDSHIP AWARD: Open Space Institute Recognized for Preservation of Adirondack Lands - 11/6/2003

Open Space Institute Announces Plans for “Dockside” Property - 10/27/2003

Open Space Institute Helps Protect Orange County Farm - 10/22/2003

Open Space Institute Develops New Conservation Loan Program, Welcomes New Staff - 10/22/2003

171,000-acre Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Property Permanently Conserved - 10/10/2003

The Nature Conservancy and Open Space Institute Announce Groundbreaking for Sam’s Point Preserve Conservation Center- 10/9/2003

Town of Greenport to Celebrate Opening of Town Park Acquired from Open Space Institute for $1 dollar: Festivities start at 11:15 am on Saturday, September 6th - 9/3/2003

Open Space Institute Welcomes Friends to Shawangunk Mt. Wild Blueberry & Huckleberry Festival in Ellenville, N.Y., on Saturday, August 23rd - 8/25/2003

Open Space Institute Acquires Historic Tahawus Tract, Capping Eight-Year Effort:
Deal will protect headwaters of Hudson River and site of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Midnight Ride” to the presidency in 1901 - 8/19/2003

Open Space Institute Protects Schunnemunk Ridge in Western Hudson Highlands
Acquisitions on July 1, 2003, preserve unrivaled vistas and scenic hiking trails just an hour from New York City - 7/1/2003

Environmental Community Loses Two of Its Best Advocates - 6/27/2003

Remembering Richard Pough - 6/25/2003

Open Space Institute Invites Community to Participate in Clean up/Community Event at Dockside on June 14th, 2003 - 6/2/2003

Land Groups and Town of New Scotland Team Up to Save Indian Ladder Farms - 5/15/2003

Open Space Institute Donates Trapps Lands To Mohonk Preserve - 4/7/2003

Open Space Institute Sells Glenclyffe Friary - 3/20/2003

Open Space Institute and Morris Land Conservancy Protect Land for Public Access
OSI Extends Bridge Loan To Protect Sussex County Land In Perpetuity - 3/13/2003

Former Industrial Site Reclaimed For Public Use
OSI to announce donation of waterfront park to Croton-on-Hudson on March 10 - 3/6/2003

Open Space Institute Protects Viewshed of Martin Van Buren National Historic Site - 2/14/2003

Open Space Institute Buys Land For Public Access
Acquisition Caps Twelve-Year Effort to Protect Hubbard-Perkins Conservation Area - 2/12/2003

OSI Protects Viewshed of Washington’s Headquarters, Nation’s First Historic Site - 2/5/2003

Open Space Institute and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Announce New Funding Program For the Environment - 1/21/2003

Groups Collaborate to Preserve Historic Working Farm in Gardiner - 1/9/2003



Open Space Institute Wins Historic Preservation Award - 12/6/2002

Open Space Institute Acquires Historic Parcel - 8/2/2002

Open Space Institute Protects 336 Acres on Helderberg Escarpment - 7/18/2002

Fund Rewards Sustainable Forestry in Northern Forest Land Conservation Projects - 7/1/2002

Open Space Institute Announces Donation of Land for Public Campground:
Appalachian Mountain Club to Create Campground at Trapps Gateway
- 6/26/2002

Sam's Point Ice Caves Re-opened to the public:
The Nature Conservancy and the Open Space Institute to Host Opening on June 15
- 6/11/2002

Farmland Protection - 3/27/2002

New Fund Supports Working Forests and Ecological Reserves in the Northern Forest - 1/2/2002



New Fund Protects Working Farmland and Ecological Preserve in Northern Forest - 12/13/2001

Northern Forest Protection Awarded Grants 2001 - 12/13/2001

Open Space Institute Protects Access to Mineral Springs Falls, Black Rock Forest - 11/29/2001

Open Space Institute Protects Over 2,100 Acres on the Shawangunk Ridge- 8/9/2001


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