About Us

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The Campaign for the Letchworth State Park Nature Center is a public/private partnership spearheaded by the Letchworth Nature Center Campaign Committee. Through state grants, organizational partnerships and private funding, we hope to build and maintain a $4.8 million Nature Center on Letchworth State Park grounds.


Genesee Region State Park Commission
Friends of Letchworth
NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
Natural Heritage Trust
Open Space Institute Alliance for New York State Parks


Campaign Committee

Frank Allkofer
Mary Kay Barton
Jane Bellamy
Pamela Bliss
James Gillen
Peter Humphrey
Richard Humphrey
Kevin Judge
Hayden & Leonora Letchworth
Cindy Abbott Letro
Martin Miskell
Tobie Olsan
Thomas Palmer
Tyna Slocum
Hugh Ten Hagen
James Van Arsdale
Patrick Rountree

About The Letchworth State Park Nature Center

The Letchworth Nature Center will be a 5,000 square foot, year-round, sustainable facility that will offer educational and interpretive programming for the park’s many visitors. The Letchworth Nature Center will have meeting and classroom space, a research lab, and state-of-the-art interactive exhibits – all of which will deepen visitor and student understanding of the unique history, geology, and environment found in Letchworth State Park.