Open Space Institute's Easement Revitalization Guidebook

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Easement Revitalization:
A Problem-Solving Guidebook for Land Trusts

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Over the four decades since conservation easements were invented, land trusts' standards and practices for administering these critical tools have evolved in sophistication and rigor. With the emergence of national accreditation, land trusts are accepting a higher degree of accountability for their quality and potential for enforcement. OSI published the Easement Revitalization Guidebook to help find ways to strenghten the effectiveness of this essential preservation tool.


Easement Revitalization Guidebook

Easement Revitalization Cover PhotoThis guidebook, published by OSI in 2013, provides a structured process for organizations that want to upgrade older easements. It includes next-step suggestions and offers some lessons learned from six case studies and national research conducted by Solid Ground Consulting.


Download the Guidebook in Sections

1 & 2 Introduction, Background and Summary of Problem

3 Legal and Policy Constraints

4 A Process to Analyze Problem Easements

5 Managing Problem Easements

6 Evaluating Options for Fixing Problem Easements

7 Parting Thoughts, Appendices, Consulting Team Bios


Press Release

seedlingIn 2011, Solid Ground Consulting and OSI began conducting field studies with six conservation organizations working in seven states to examine the range of issues that exist with regard to easements.





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