Photo Credit: Jerry Monkman

Conservation Easements and Biodiversity

in the Northern Forest Region

By Jerry Jenkins, Open Space Institute and Wildlife Conservation Society, 2008 Easement Study Jerry Jenkins

Conservation Easements and Biodiversity in the Northern Forest Region is based on an exhaustive review of the existing literature, detailed summaries of  biodiversity management on six major easements and interviews with more than 60 conservation and forestry professionals. The easements studied received funding through the Northern Forest Protection Fund, a capital fund administered by OSI, whose goal was to support large-landscape conservation deals that met the highest standards for sustainable forestry.   

Jerry Jenkins is a researcher with the Adirondack Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Director of the White Creek Field School in White Creek, New York. He has been doing biological survey work for forty years, and has visited large working forests in every part of the Northern Forest region.


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