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Barnes easement

Beaverkill Valley

OSI’s first land acquisition activities took place in the Beaverkill Valley in the 1970s. OSI’s early efforts in the Beaverkill, were led by OSI Chairman, John Adams. 


Beech Mountain Nature Preserve

The Beech Mountain Nature Preserve is an isolated parcel of land surrounded by thousands of acres of the state-owned Catskills Forest Preserve.  


Lundy Estate

Formerly closed to the public, the Lundy Estate now has many miles of blazed hiking trails and abundant opportunities for fishing, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing and camping.


Overlook Mountain

Long considered the inspiration for the renowned Hudson River School of Painting, Overlook Mountain is the most recognizable landmass in the eastern Catskills.


Van Norden Farmstead

Ever since the advent of the railroad in the late 1800s, anglers have sought out the remote, cold-water trout streams of the Catskills.

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