New York Finch Pruyn

Photo Credit: Jerry Monkman

Finch, Pruyn Lands

Finch Pruyn ponds CFP                           Finch,Pruyn's Boreas Ponds Photo courtesy of TNC

Finch, Pruyn Lands
Year: 2007
Acreage: 161,000 acres

In June 2007, the Open Space Conservancy (OSC), the land acquisition affiliate of the Open Space Institute, announced a monumental $25 million conservation loan to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to purchase 161,000 acres of land in the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

The forested land was formally owned by Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc., a paper manufacturing company based in Glen Falls since 1865. The transaction includes an historic 20-year Working Forest Agreement that will ensure a fiber supply to the Glens Falls mill, which employs approximately 850 people, continuing to support the local economy that relies on timber harvesting.

In keeping with its conservation mission, TNC’s objectives are to preserve the property’s biological diversity while maintaining working forests and seeking to enhance public recreational opportunities. OSI is working side-by-side with TNC on management plans, local outreach, and other aspects of this enormous undertaking.

The loan was made through OSI’s Conservation Finance Program. The ecological value of these lands can’t be overstated. No other private ownership in the park has the variety of mountains, cliffs, lakes, ponds, bogs, alluvial forests, and flat- and white-water rivers found on these lands. The Hudson River Gorge, Blue Ledges, and OK-Slip Falls are among the property’s best-known features. Additionally, stretches of the Hudson, Opalescent, Boreas, Branch, Cedar and Indian rivers flow through the property and upwards of 90 mountains and 70 lakes and ponds pepper the land.

In July 2009, OSI's Northern Forest Protection Fund also supported this deal through an additional loan of $1.75 million and a grant of $625,000.

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