New York Land Program

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New York Land Program


Through our New York Land Program, the Open Space Institute has protected more than 100,000 acres of land throughout New York State, where the roots of our work first began more than forty years ago. Through direct acquisition and conservation easements, we protect critical open space habitats and recreation areas, save family farms and historic sites, and partner with local and state government to expand parklands. Because when land is developed, it is gone forever.


OSI  buys land and easements in New York State. We work with the state government and local municipalities on appropriate land use policies and encourage, at the state and local levels, increased public funding for conservation.

What We Do

OSI has protected the Hudson River Valley — from the high cliffs of the Palisades to the family farms of Wallkill Valley, from Sterling Forest on the border of New Jersey to the Adirondacks in the north — through more than 500 transactions that have helped to create more than forty parks and preserves throughout the eastern half of New York.  We promote appropriate land use policies, assist in planning processes, and educate around increased public funding for conservation. 

Where We Work

The proof of our work is on the ground:  Signature acquisitions have included the purchase of the 10,000-acre Tahawus Property in the Adirondacks; the 5,000-acre Sam’s Point Preserve atop the ecologically significant Shawangunk Ridge; additions totaling over 10,000 acres to the State Park system in Putnam County; and the 17,500-acre Sterling Forest, on the New York-New Jersey border, which supplies water to one in four New Jersey residents. Throughout the state, the legacy of OSI’s protection work is visible across the landscape.




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