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Community Forest Fund 2015 Cover

Community Forest Fund: Victory of the Commons

Since 2010, the Open Space Institute’s Community Forest Fund has made grants to help kindle this locally-
based conservation movement, slowing forest fragmentation, linking community conservation and economic goals and attracting conservation
dollars. Using strategic criteria, expert advisors and in-house transaction expertise, OSI has invested philanthropic capital in exemplary community
forest projects.


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Binnewater Report Cover

Preserving a Biological Treasure in the Binnewater Hills

The Open Space Institute (OSI), the Wallkill Valley Land Trust (WVLT) and the Rondout-Esopus Land Conservancy (RELC) today released a comprehensive scientific assessment of the Binnewater Hills confirming its unique ecological significance and calling for continued conservation in and around the area. Best known for its recreational and scenic value, the Binnewater Hills’ natural ecological importance is quantified for the first time in the report, which calls the area a national “biological treasure.” 



Easement Revitalization Cover Photo

Easement Revitalization

Since conservation easements were invented, land trusts' standards and practices for administering these critical tools have evolved in sophistication and rigor. With the emergence of national accreditation, land trusts are accepting a higher degree of accountability for their quality and potential for enforcement. The Easement Revitalization guidebook examines easement case studies and ways to strenghtening the effectiveness or this essential preservation tool.
March 2013

Retaining Working Forests NC

Retaining Working Forests: Eastern North Carolina

Retaining Working Forests: Eastern North Carolina provides maps, data and analysis to help towns, counties, planners, developers and conservation groups identify win-win approaches to conservation and development.
May 2012

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