Conservation Capital

Photo Credit: Jerry Monkman

Conservation Capital

Connecticut River Valley, Monkman Photo 

OSI's Conservation Capital program seeks to accelerate the rate and effectiveness of conservation by providing grants and short-term, low-cost bridge loans for land transactions in selected landscapes in the eastern United States. OSI helps projects that enhance existing conservation lands, help to channel or redirect development away from sensitive natural areas or that will protect open spaces under immediate threat of being developed.

Conservation Funds and Research


Plum Creek

Where We Work

From northern New England and southern Canadian border to the Southern Appalachians and into Georgia, OSI is working with partners to create capital and protect more lands. 


Institute Publications, 2008


To be successful, the land conservation movement needs tools and strategies in order to protect critical open spaces. OSI's research brings practical solutions to the land use challenges facing practitioners, funders and policy-makers in the 21st century.  





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