Mid-Atlantic Conservation Funds

French Creek State Park, L.Gledhill Mannington Meadows, NJ PA Bayshore Highlands

OSI launched the New Jersey Land Protection Loan Fund  in 2003 operating in ecologically critical areas that are defined as the highest priorities by New Jersey's conservation community: the Highlands of the northwest; the Pinelands; the Barnegat Bay watershed; and the Delaware Bay Shore area.

In 2011, the Bayshore Highlands Fund was created to support projects that accelerate strategic land conservation in the New Jersey Bayshore and the Pennsylvania Highlands.

The Resilient Landscapes Initiative addresses climate change in two Mid-Atlantic regions that support wildlife adaptation to climate change: the Potomac Headwaters in Virginia and West Virginia and the Highlands and Kittatinny Ridge.

OSI Mid-Atlantic Grant Funds  

 Adamucci Farm, NJ


The Bayshore Highlands Fund provides grants and loans for land conservation projects that conserve wildlife habitat, provide  outdoor recreational access, protect clean water, or preserve farm and forestland.


Map RLI Highlands and Kittatinny Ridge in New Jersey and PenResilient Landscape Initiative

OSI will provide $5.5 million in capital grants in four regions that support wildlife adaptation to climate change: Potomac Headwaters, Highlands and Kittatinny Ridge, Middle Connecticut River and Southern NH-ME Forests .