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New England

Sand Pond, NH photo Jerry Monkman 

Home to more than 14 million people, New England supports complex systems of life ranging from bobcats, bog turtles and piping plovers to lynx and Karner blue butterflies. The region is an integral part of the Atlantic flyway, a migratory bird super highway that links north to south. Southern New England, where European settlers first arrived half a millennia ago, is today a window into the future, where an increasing human population means we can no longer think of wild places as wholly removed from human locales.

Conversely, the northern reaches of the region—stretching from the Adirondacks into Canada—include one of the largest intact temperate forests remaining on the globe. 

The Open Space Institute offers a suite of grant and loan programs, each designed to conserve the very best of the region’s wildlife habitat and working landscapes.  

Active Regional Fundsdivider  Resilient Landscapes Initiative

Web Map RLI Resilient 4 regionsFour landscapes across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are strongly positioned to facilitate wildlife adaptation to climate change. Two are focused in New England: Southern New Hampshire and Maine Forests and the Middle Connecticut River in Vermont and Massachusetts

divider  Community Forest Fund

Vermonk, Monkman, Community Forest Fund, BrushwoodOSI's Community Forest Fund helps rural communities in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont gain control not only of their forests but also their economic futures. 

divider  Transborder Fund

Green Mountains Canada Francois Compte

Transborder Land Protection Fund addresses conservation in the complex, largely forested Northern Appalachian eco-region of southern Canada and Northern New England. 


Completed New England Funds

February 2013

Saving New England’s Wildlife
This program protected wildlife habitat in some of New England’s most critical and imperiled areas. Saving New England’s Wildlife made grants to land trusts in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusettes, aiding in the conservation of over 20,000 acres and leveraging $45 million in public and private conservation funding.

Northern Forest Protection Fund
Launched in 2000, the Northern Forest Protection Fund helped permanently protect over 1.2 million acres in one of the nation’s most important forested landscapes. 

Western Massachusetts Land Protection Fund
The Western Massachusetts Protection Fund supports conservation of large forested landscapes in the western half of the Commonwealth, with a focus on protecting wildlife habitat and productive woodlands. 


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