OSI in the Adirondacks

Photo Credit: Jerry Monkman





The Adirondacks are home to the largest complex of wild lands in the eastern United States and are the birthplace of the modern American land conservation movement.  To look upon the Adirondacks is to gaze upon history: human, biological and geological. Forests of maple, black cherry, beech, hemlock, red pine and spruce blanket a mountain range of metamorphic rock that was pressure-cooked deep in the earth more than a billion years ago and rose up in an endless cycle of uplifting and erosion.




Carved by a glacier, the 450-acre Henderson Lake lies on the 9,646-acre Tahawus tract, southern gateway to the legendary Adirondack High Peaks Region..


Finch Pruyn Swap Land

Finch Pruyn Lands

OSI Provided a $25 million loan to the Nature Conservancy for the protection of 161,000 acres.








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