OSI Citizen Action Program Groups

Photo Credit: Jerry Monkman

Citizen Action Program Groups

KS Trash Mob

Land Use & Preservation

Arts and Ecology
Arts and Ecology focuses on environmental education and has four programs that range from experiential retreats, environmental workshops, and programs for high school and college students in NYC and the Catskills to professional networking events and seminars about survival. Prior to incorporating late March 2015 as Arts and Ecology, their founding program, Eco Practicum offered two programs yearly. This program is back in the Catskills this summer. Contact: mail@ecopracticum.com

Christopher Park Alliance 

Located in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, Christopher Park has provided a welcome respite for New Yorkers since 1837. The park is included in the Stonewall listing as a National Historic Landmark as it was integral to the Stonewall riots of 1969. Today the .19 acre park is best known as the home to “Gay Liberation” the only public monument commemorating the gay rights movement in the United States. The bronze statues by sculptor George Segal were cast in 1980 and installed in 1992. The park is also home to two monuments honoring Civil War heroes and is bounded by a 130 year-old wrought-iron fence. Today the park is maintained by the volunteers of the Christopher Park Alliance. CPA works closely with Partnership for Parks and NYC Department of Parks.

Citizens Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation
Created in 2006 they have already successfully accomplished several of their goals, and continue to pursue litigation and legislation to improve the transparency of the landmark process. The group’s three fundamental goals are to re-establish the independence of the NYC landmark preservation commissioners, ensure fairness in the landmark process, and to secure appropriate resources for the landmarks preservation commission staff. Contact: Kate Wood

Concerned Citizens for Open Space, Inc.(CCOS)
CCOS acquires and preserves open space, raises community awareness about proposed buildings, and monitors the effects of development on the environment in the city of White Plains, New York.  Recently, CCOS started a program of planting several trees on a local city walking trail called The Greenway.
Contact: Lynn Huber l.huber@wpccos.org

Deuel Hollow Conservation Association
Deuel Hollow Conservation Association (DHCA) preserves the scenic character and natural resources of the Duell Hollow area in Wingdale, NY which includes a large portion of land designated as wetlands and a Critical Environmental Area by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Contact: Constance DuHamel

Friends of Bleecker Playground
Friends of Bleecker Playground is a group of local volunteers who have organized to support and improve upon a local playground and garden in the West Village of Manhattan.  Initially, the group began as a project of the OSI-sponsored Abingdon Square Alliance, but they have recently evolved into a separate group with a different set of volunteers and an independent identity. The first Bleecker Beach Bash was held in May 2008 to celebrate both the launch of the group and sand replacement for the increasingly unsanitary sandbox. The day had a Coney Island theme complete with carnival games, hot dogs, music, cotton candy, fake tattoo artists, and stilt walkers.

Contact: info@bleeckerplayground.org

Friends of Dover Parks

Friends of Dover Parks strives to enhance existing public spaces and consider land opportunities in the Town of Dover in order to increase recreational activities for the community. They also sponsor scholarships for two Dover Fifth Graders to attend the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Summer Eco-Camp for a week.

Friends of Gulick Park
Friends of Gulick Park is dedicated to improving the condition of Luther Gulick Park (aka Sheriff Park) on the Lower East Side. Representing an ethnically and demographically diverse neighborhood their mission is to create a unified, safe and inviting green space for the entire community to enjoy active recreation and quiet activities. They partner with other community groups to beautify the park and solicit design ideas from residents. They have planted 20 empty tree pits and installed a ping pong table. They are actively lobbying elected officials for capital funding to renovate Gulick Park and will advocate for the community during the design and construction process.

Contact: Elizabeth DeGaetano

Forbus Butternut Association

The Forbus Butternut Association was founded to protect New York State's Champion White Walnut, a.k.a. Butternut Tree, and to advocate and promote the propagation of this nationally threatened American species. FBA’s mission also is to maintain and protect its state and county land grant public park, known as Forbus Butternut Park, located on three parcels at 48-50 Forbus Street and 26 Gray Street in the City of Poughkeepsie, and to enrich public awareness and importance of American tree species and open space through educational programs with public institutions and organizations.

Protect the Village Historic District (PVHD)
PVHD works within the Greenwich Village to protect the historic areas from massive development.  Most recently, PVHD addressed the massive developments proposed by Rudin Organizations and St. Vincent’s Hospital with the intention of modifying the proposals. 
Contact: Tom Molner

Sensible Wireless for Gardiner (SWG) 
SWG protects the natural environment and viewshed of the town of Gardiner, New York through opposing the construction of a 160+ foot wireless tower.  SWG promotes the implementation of wireless facilities that blend in with the natural and architectural features of the town as a means of providing necessary services and still preserving the scenic environment of Gardiner. 
Contact: Linda Kastan 

Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition (SPARC) 
Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition preserved almost 7,000 acres of open space west of Stewart Airport in Newburgh, Orange County. This land, now known as the Stewart State Forest, provides a unique habitat for wildlife, a multi-recreational area, and parcels for agriculture.  In addition, the land serves as a noise and safety buffer for Stewart Airport.
Contact: Sandra Kissam 

Stuyvesant Pathways
Stuyvesant Pathways’ goal is to develop public recreational trails/natural areas and related amenities; complete renovation of the Stuyvesant Rail Station and use it as a hub for connecting/re-connecting people to the Hudson River and related history, commerce, and culture.

Contact: Lee Jamison leej@berk.com

Environmental Education

Manhattan Henge Citac HarborLAB 

Biomimicry NYC
The group is a regional network working to connect and educate those inspired by nature's principles, techniques and strategies, to create a more sustainable community in the NY Metropolitan region. In collaboration with Biomimicry 3.8 (B3.8), the network is an active consortium of leaders in design, engineering, architecture, life science, communications, business, academia, city planning and the public sector in general.
Website: http://biomimicrynyc.com/
Contact: Adiel Gavish adiel.gavish@biomimicry.org

Black Urban Growers
Black Urban Growers (BUGS) formed in November of 2009 in order to link issues of land access and technical support for Black farmers and urban gardeners to issues of healthy food access and high rates of diet related-disease in Black communities. They host an annual three-day conference in New York City focused on these issues.
Suzanne Babb: babb.suzanne@gmail.com

Butterfly Project 
The Butterfly Project works with community and school gardeners to assist in the development of native plants pollinator gardens. Since its inception in 2003, this all-volunteer organization has purchased and distributed over 5,000 native plants to more than one hundred gardens all over New York City, presented a number of workshops on the topics of pollinators and pollinator plants, and developed a middle school Pollinator Curriculum Guide. 
Contact: Chrissy Word

Compost for Brooklyn
The group empowers city residents to sustainably reduce waste and cultivate healthy urban ecosystems. Their programs include: collecting organic waste and distributing organic compost to gardens; teaching the Bug Land Builders curriculum in public and private schools; hosting community workshops and panel discussions; working with local volunteers, community organizations, and schools to cultivate healthy native plant gardens and corridors.

Contact: compostforbrooklyn@gmail.com

Essex Farm Institute
The group was formed in April 2012 to meet the need for research and training specific to diversified, sustainable agriculture. They work to provide effective training to young farmers and to conduct research on farm viability issues such as how to build soil quality, maintain water quality, produce energy and sequester carbon.  
Contact: essexfarminstitute@gmail.com

Forever Rural
The project focuses on promoting and implementing outdoor educational programs for youth. The group works with school districts, their teachers and local landowners to create outdoor classroom sites where students will go for outdoor learning experiences throughout the school year. Contact: Jeff Petrosillo jpetros1@gmail.com

Green Apple Kids
Green Apple Kids provides environmentally rich workshops and after school programs for children and parents. The group works hand-in-hand with various local artists, musicians, scientists, agrarians and educators to bring awareness to families about the vital importance of environmental conservation, sustainable alternatives through art and education.
Contact: Liza Mendel-Williams

Green Edge Collaborative
Green Edge Collaborative is a grassroots organization founded in 2006 that looks to facilitate a connection between people and organizations, businesses and professionals in order to build awareness and inspire action towards a sustainable future. Together with the New York City community, the NYC pilot chapter of Green Edge Collaborative, Green Edge NYC, hosts citywide and neighborhood events, and support other organizations and events throughout the city that coincide with the group’s mission. Green Edge’s goal is to increase awareness on local sustainable resources, which will hopefully encourage people make more educated lifestyle choices.
Contact: Info@GreenEdgeNYC.org

The GreenWorks Team
The group works to beautify public spaces in the Brooklyn community by creating gardens in areas that had previously been bleak and unattractive. They organize and train “teams” of interested community members in gardening techniques to maintain their plots, and we also train “teams” of persons with special needs to develop the skills to perform a wide variety of gardening activities. This process of community beautification and crop production enhances the lives of team members, and the resulting gardens enhance the community as well.
Contact: Joyce Jed heloisejed@mindspring.com

Growing Chefs
Founded in 2005, Growing Chefs principal mission is to connect people to food: from the soil to the kitchen and from the field to the fork. The program is geared towards children and young adults, and the sessions are divided between time in the garden and time in the kitchen. Growing Chefs empowers children and young adults by teaching them how to have a strong ecological impact through something they do everyday: eat.
Contact: Annie Novak growingchefs@gmail.com

Honoring the Future event in FL CITACHonoring the Future® 
Honoring the Future harnesses the power of art to educate, empower, and engage the public on climate change. The website showcases the climate-related work of America’s top contemporary artists, including such visionaries as Maya Lin, James Balog, and Eve Mosher, among others.  Innovative “Climate SmART” programs connect the public with artists to craft concrete plans for “What You Can Do” to combat climate change now. They are developing pioneering arts-based curricula to revolutionize climate science education and build a global platform for student artwork and engaging teacher lesson plans on climate change. They also work with museums and cultural organizations to create inspiring climate-related art exhibitions and education programs. 
Contact: info@honoringthefuture.org

Long Island Community Agriculture Network (LICAN)
LICAN was formed in 2009 and, through a license agreement with the Town of Huntington, began building raised garden beds for local residents and providing free gardening classes, seeds, tools, etc. Having created over 80 garden beds, their goal is to expand their programs to many more community gardens throughout Long Island.
Contact: Frances Whittelsey: fcw@franwhittelsey.com

Play Harvest
PlayHarvest was created in October 2010 working in partnership with community groups to develop toys and games that promote children’s interest in local food cultivation and preparation. 
Contact: info@playharvest.org

Rego Park Green Alliance
Rego Park Green Alliance, based in Queens, New York, aims for environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Rego Park Green Alliance has committed volunteers that have helped make it a leader in the Rego Park community. The group seeks to achieve their goals by installing green walls, creating public gardens, promoting edible lawns, painting public murals, and educating schools and residents in communities about environmental sustainability.
Contact: Yvonne Short

Sprout Farms
Sprout is a group that creates urban agriculture. They establish educational spaces for students and community members to learn about food systems via hands on interactions. Sprout partners with local schools to develop educational programming to teach plant care, nutrition, and environmental stewardship.  Summer programming will connect students and their families with food production during peak growing season to help establish a deeper understanding of how to care for plants and the process of harvesting.  Throughout the school year Sprout helps schools develop and maintain a variety of projects, including composting, herb gardens, and greenhouses.
Heather McKinstry: heatherjmckinstry@gmail.com

Stand for Land
Stand for Land promotes public awareness of local environmental concerns through education and distribution of informational material. They participated in a project with the Library and Teen Center that had students design artwork showing their vision for Marbletown which led to class discussions on the environmental issues facing the town.
Contact: info@standforland.org

Sustainable Flatbush
Sustainable Flatbush brings together neighbors to discuss, educate, and advocate for sustainable living in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush and beyond. This vision of a sustainable neighborhood includes equal access to healthy food and open spaces; preserving affordable housing and the diverse population it enables through innovative energy practices; and high-quality, resource-efficient transportation options, including cycling. Contact:  Anne Pope

Sustainability Practice Network  
Sustainability Practice Network (SPN) is an interdisciplinary community of professionals, academics, and students interested in education, discussion, information, and idea exchange to further the goals of corporate sustainability and sustainable development.  Through an active NYC-based forum and list server as well as ten annual panel discussions, SPN supports the growth of sustainability practice and bridges disciplines to advance sustainable development by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of its members.
Contact: Michael Block m.block@sustainabilitypractice.net


Roundaout Barn Dance Citac 

93rd-94th Street Preservation Alliance
The 93rd-94th Street Preservation Alliance is a group of neighbors protecting open space and the quality of life in a corner of Manhattan's Upper West Side historic district. The group was formed to address the planned expansion of a private school into the donut of space behind two large apartment buildings and a number of brownstones.

Contact: Ann Lewis

Abingdon Square Conservancy 
Abingdon Square Alliance (ASA) maintains the safety, cleanliness, and use of Abingdon Square Park’s green space for the community. Recent restoration and continuing maintenance of the Park serves to strengthen community ties and foster fellowship in the neighborhood. Currently, ASA is working to more accurately represent the diversity of the lifestyles and talents of the community. Contact: Todd Hittle todd.hittle@gmail.com

AFFIRM, Inc. utilizes careful land-use planning to preserve the areas of New Paltz and Gardiner while still maintaining controlled housing growth and appropriate economic development.  In addition to the group’s monitoring of local governing and planning boards, AFFIRM also provides advice and support to single-issue grassroots environmental groups in the mid-Hudson area. 
Contact: David Porter

Alaska Education Project 
Alaska Education Project promotes healthy economies in southeast Alaska that are based on sustainable forestry.  Contact:Michael A. McIntosh

Ananda Harvest    
Ananda Harvest seeks to create a platform of environmental education focusing on sustainability and permaculture.

Better Futures Project 

Better Futures Project is a startup project based in Massachusetts that seeks to educate the public around the multitude of harms that flow from burning fossil fuels. The group provides education, support, and mentorship to grassroots leaders and organizations working on environmental issues. Through its work, the group contributes to the growth of the larger global movement to tackle climate change.

Contact: Craig Altemose

Catskill Mountainkeeper
Catskill Mountainkeeper is a member based advocacy organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the long term health of the six counties of the Catskill Region. Contact: info@catskillmountainkeeper.org

Citizens for a Better Canada Lake
Citizens for a Better Canada Lake defends against disruptive boat use and damaging shoreline development.  Contact: Lars Kulleseid

Concrete Safaris, Inc.
Concrete Safaris, Inc. empowers youth to become healthy leaders through green exercise programs that enrich the mind, body, community, and environment. Contact: Sharon “Mac” Levine

Corbin Hill Food Project
Corbin Hill Food Project is an innovative social venture founded by a group of Harlem-based citizens that works to connect upstate New York farmers with communities of people in Harlem, Washington Heights and the Bronx. Its summer and winter Farm Share programs offer its Shareholders (members) seasonal selections of fresh, local, sustainably grown produce in an adapted C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) model that allows participants to pay as they go, be "Money Match"ed for their contributions, use SNAP (food stamp) and Fresh Connect benefits, and put their shares on "vacation" should life circumstances require. Its wholesale division supplies schools, health clinics, faith-based organizations, Head Start centers, job training programs and homeless shelters, as well as individual citizens by buying in bulk directly from New York State farms. The Project's home base is Corbin Hill Road Farm, a 96-acre farm located in Schoharie County that serves as its hub of operations and educational programming; it also has a small but growing staff in Harlem..

Carey King: king@corbinhillfarm.com

The Brooklyn Food Coalition

(BFC) is a grassroots organization working to change the food system in Brooklyn, neighborhood by neighborhood. Its primary focus is sustainable food and agriculture. The group advocates for and educates locals about food and sustainability in their neighborhoods.  It also supports urban agriculture, new food co-ops, farmers’ markets and local/regional sourcing of food. Ultimately, The Brooklyn Food Coalition mission is to diminish food disparities throughout Brooklyn.
Contact: Kady Ferguson

East 5th Street Beautification Project
The East 5th Street Beautification Project began two years ago when a few Brooklyn residents decided to turn a patch of dirt beside the Prospect Expressway into a thriving garden. Contact: Kryssa Schemmerling

dlandstudio is an interdisciplinary design practice in Brooklyn focused on urban resilience. Its mission is to catalyze change by finding ways to make current mono-functional infrastructure systems such as highways, brown-field sites and post-industrial canals more environmentally productive. With grants from NYSCA, NOAA, NEIWPCC, DEC, EPA & the DEP to conceptualize, design and build pilot projects it is developing systemic solutions to large scale sustainability issues.
Website: http://www.dlandstudio.com/
Contact: Carissa Azar cazar@dlandstudio.com

Earth Matter NY
Earth Matter NY aims to reduce garbage by encouraging more composting in the surrounding community. This group supports it mission by improving local composting efforts, educating the community on the benefits of composting, using best practices to improve soil health, and supporting water conservation practices to reduce the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) burden on municipal sewer systems.
Contact: Marisa DeDominicis

Educating Tomorrow
Educating Tomorrow is composed of teachers throughout NYC who first got together in 2007 to address obstacles in creating and maintaining successful recycling programs in NYC schools. They hold regular meetings, workshops, and tours to facilitate the greening of NYC schools. This coming year, their activities will include: holding workshops, tours and talks on environmental education for teachers; developing a program for schools on recycling; and partner with Earth Day New York on a number of Earth Day activities during Earth Week.
Contact: Coquille Houshour: coquillie@houshour.com

Farming Concrete
Farming Concrete’s principle objective is to quantify food production in NYC community gardens. They will work with non-profits, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, students, and gardeners to map all of the areas under production to weigh produce throughout the growing season.
Contact: Mara Gittleman

The Fox Collection
The Fox Collection is a catalogue of Tom Fox’s documentary photography and other historically significant materials to the urban environmental movement. The project is an effort to make these materials and resources available through a library for public use. Contact: Tom Fox tom@tomfoxassociates.com

Friends of Catskill Park
Friends of Catskill Park maintains and defends the natural beauty, clean waterways, abundant wildlife, and local communities of the Catskills region. The proposed Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park, a 400 million dollar, mountainside golf resort, sited in the heart of the Catskill Forest Preserve, is the most recent threat being addressed by the group.
Contact: Loren Quimby

Friends of the Housatonic 
Friends of the Housatonic increases environmental awareness on issues concerning the Housatonic River and its tributaries. The group supports and initiates activities that improve the health of the river through expanding trout fishing opportunities for the general public with private stockings and working with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to implement proactive trout management programs. Additionally, they support Connecticut’s DEP program of “No Child Left Inside.”  Contact: Harold MacMillian 

Friends of the Hudson River Greenway in the Bronx
is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the natural, historic and cultural features of the Hudson River in the Bronx and Westchester. Contact: Paul Elston pelston@pjelston.com

Friends for a Better Amenia
Friends for a Better Amenia advises and educates members of the community of Amenia in Dutchess County, New York about issues concerning the impacts of proposed large-scale residential development. Contact:  Steven Benardete  

Germantown Neighbors Association
Germantown Neighbors Association has been working with area residents, elected officials, SUNY/Albany and state agencies about the problem of toxic air pollution in the mid-Hudson River Valley and the need for proper air monitoring in the region.

Good Growth Columbia (GGC)

GGC promotes and maintains open space protection and green growth principles in Columbia County, New York.  

Green Deeds
Green Deeds is dedicated to creating opportunities for residents, particularly middle-class and low-income citizens of Sayreville, New Jersey, to join the challenge to reduce our carbon footprint. GreenDeeds is dedicated to identifying and promoting better ways for residents to green their homes and neighborhoods and transforming Sayreville into a model green town.
Contact: Patricia Hartwell or Kristina Borjesson

Green Spaces Innovation Institute 
Green Spaces Innovation Institute provides educational programs related to environmental entrepreneurship.  Their first two programs are an internship program for high school and college students who want experience working with entrepreneurs who are building "green" businesses and a workshop series that provides for start-up companies with an environmental mission linked to helping communities become more livable. 
Contact: Marissa Feinberg

Groundwater Go
The group developed internet-based mapping tools and editorial content to educate people about groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport. The information and tools will be free, user-friendly, and interactive. The idea is that as individuals and organizations become more educated about groundwater, they will be more empowered to protect the quality of their water supply.
Karen Madsen: karen.madsen@groundwatergo.com

Grounded Knowledge
Grounded Knowledge is an environmental education program that uses land as the central context within which to develop the whole learner - intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Around the world, access to nature in cities has become limited by socio-economics. Students in Grounded Knowledge work with community members to turn available empty lots into viable, productive urban green spaces.
Contact:  Susan Weseen and Taura McMeekin groundedknowledge@gmail.com

Grow Smart Dover
(formerly Coalition for the Responsible Growth of Dover)
Grow Smart Dover works to protects the character of the Town of Dover by advocating in favor of sustainable development and redevelopment, open space preservation, and local environment protection. The Group works achieve these goals primarily through commenting on significant land use projects before the Dover Town and Planning Boards, and NYS DEC.
Contact: Constance DuHamel 

Hudson Basin River Watch 
Hudson Basin River Watch provides hand-on science education to middle and high school students, and mobilizes youth to help monitor the health of rivers. Contact: Doug Reed

Hudson River Watershed Alliance (HRWA)
HRWA is a regional collaboration of more than 200 stakeholders working to protect, conserve and restore the water resources of the Hudson River watershed. As a non-advocacy coalition, HRWA includes representatives from various sectors include: research and educational institutions; state, county and local agencies; regional environmental and professional organizations; local grassroots groups; and business and private interests.  Contact: Barbara Kendall

Hudson River Valley Wine & Culinary Center
Hudson River Valley Wine & Culinary Center seeks to educate and inform visitors about Hudson Valley food, wine and spirits along with the region’s rich culinary traditions.  Contact: Peter Fairweather

InfrastructureUSA is an online community focused on generating citizen dialogue about civil infrastructure — all areas, any topic and every viewpoint. Infra Views showcases publications, reports and articles from the most authoritative and respected nonprofit organizations, government agencies and think tanks.
Contact: Steve Anderson

ioby.org is an online, microphilanthropic initiative that enables New Yorkers to learn about, fund, and engage with local environmental projects.  Contact: Erin Barnes 

Kensho Community 
Kensho is dedicated to engaging young people in environmental issues.
Contact: Teia@kenshocommunity.org

Lewisboro Land Trust 

The Lewisboro Land Trust has helped preserve over 1,000 acres in Lewisboro since its founding in 1994. We are very proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary with a renewed passion and commitment to environmental stewardship, responsibility for nature, and education of adults and children through experience, exposure and instruction. We are “linking people with the land” by maintaining the town’s preserves and offering the community many ways to use and enjoy them.

Contact: Events@LewisboroLandTrust.org

Lithgow Association
Lithgow Association preserves the rural character and open countryside of the Lithgow area in Dutchess County, New York.

Millbrook Matters
Millbrook Matters raises public awareness about issues that affect the local community. The group is fully committed to a transparent local government, the sensible use of shared natural resources, thoughtful village and town planning, and open-minded public communication. 
Contact: Julia Widdowson 

The National Young Farmers’ Coalition
The National Young Farmers’ Coalition will create the conditions for the success of today’s young farmers and that of future generations. The National Young Farmers’ Coalition will create social and networking opportunities for young farmers to work together on common issues, provide practical and technical assistance to through peer-to-peer training and information sharing, and develop policy recommendations that will enable the young farmers’ movement to thrive.
Contact: Lindsey Lusher-Shute

The New York Wild Film Festival
The New York WILD Film Festival, (WILD), seeks to inspire appreciation for the planet and concern for its protection. WILD is the first annual documentary film festival in New York to assemble the best films about the wild world around us. These carefully selected films will cover a spectrum of topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife and conservation. The festival celebrates the filmmakers who promote awareness, educate, and inspire interest in exploring and conserving the natural world around us.
Contact: Nancy Rosenthal

No Time to Lose  
No Time to Lose (NTTL) provides support for programs that highlight the environment through the creative arts. Previously, NTTL projects included a plan for the installation by the Japanese ikebana master Hiroshi Teshigahara, a community artists’ garden in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and a lecture series of artists, scientists, and economists at Harvard University. NTTL’s latest project, Science Play, will distribute science-based playground equipment (and curricula) to NYC parks and schools through one element of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC for a greener, greater NYC.

Contact: Jane Clark Chermayeff

Oblong Valley Association
OVA preserves the natural habitats and resources of the Oblong Valley in eastern Dutchess County, New York.  Contact:  Janet Reagan

Parents for Climate Protection
Parents for Climate Protection is a grassroots organization made up of concerned parents living in Brooklyn. Their goal is to both educate parents on the implications of global warming and work towards the passage of strong and progressive climate protection legislation. Through family-centered activities, the organization raises awareness of the threat of climate change to future generations while providing a concrete way for parents to express their environmental concerns to policy makers. Parents for Climate Protection support policies on the local, state and federal levels that are based on scientists' recommendations on the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
Contact: Claudia Friedetzky: nyclaudia@earthlink.net

People’s Garden NYC
People's Garden NYC's mission is to create vegetable gardens in high profile places, which will be tended to by students. 

The Public Sustainability Group
The Public Sustainability group conceived “Sustainable Schools” in 2009, which will encourage students in NYC public schools to undertake environmental stewardship. 

Preserve Salisbury
opposes the expansion of an ill-planned development in the Lakeville /Salisbury region through educating the public and the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission. Contact:  Richard Turnure

Philipstown Citizens Alliance
focuses on providing public information on crucial environmental, land use, and governmental concerns in the Town of Philipstown, New York. 
Contact:  Michael C. Finnegan

Prospect Heights Community Farm

Prospect Heights Community Farm provides neighborhood residents with opportunities to grow food, compost, and participate in gardening.  As volunteer stewards of open public green space, the group raises environmental awareness in Prospect Heights through community educational outreach events and gatherings.
Contact: Jon Pope: jonrpope@gmail.com

Quaker Hill Civic Association
Quaker Hill Civic Association works to maintain and extend open spaces, preserve amenities and natural beauty.  It actively participates in area planning, provides a forum for meeting and exchanging ideas and information, and promotes public and civic interests in the Historic Oblong. Contact: Chris Wood

RelightNY was started in 2006 by teenager Avery Hairston and friends at the Collegiate School in New York City with the idea of giving energy-saving light bulbs to families in need. Contact: Sara Levinson

Roaring Brook Lake Project
Roaring Brook Lake Project monitors and maintains the sixty year old, man-made Roaring Brook Lake. 
Contact: David Morrison

Rivers Alive at Wall Street
Rivers Alive at Wall Street seeks to provide full public access to the waters of the East River on Pier 13 at Wall Street. The group seeks to create a center for active waterfront recreation and education on Pier 13 for residents, workers, and visitors, and to elevate the history of Lower Manhattan with site-specific artwork that evokes New York's majestic suspension bridges, glorious skyscrapers and regal tall ships.
Contact: Al Landzberg or David Rocco 

Rondout Valley Growers Association
RVGA was formed in 2001 in response to increasing difficulties faced by many local farm businesses due to rising land values and development pressure. RVGA’s mission is to promote farm produce/products to keep farms profitable in order to help them stay viable and productive, as well as educate the local community about the value of maintaining local agriculture in this historic growing region.
Contact: Deborah DeWan

Saugerties Citizens for Smart Development
Saugerties Citizens for Smart Development (SCSD) works to provide public access to the waterfront with a walkway along the bluff of the Partition Street Project (a hotel complex). Ultimately the goal is to link this scenic overlook of the Barclay Dam and waterfalls to the Saugerties Lighthouse. 
Contact: Judith Spektor  

Science Partners Learning about Animals of the Sound and Hudson (S.P.L.A.S.H.) 
Science Partners Learning about Animals of the Sound and Hudson (SPLASH) provides hands-on education about the Hudson River for almost 500 second-grade students in Westchester County through field trips; classroom observations of Hudson River marine life maintained in aquariums; and learning exchanges with students in other schools in the program. Contact: Phyllis Forbes

Seeing Green
Seeing Green aims to create a model for research that measures the environmental benefits of urban farms and community gardens. By quantifying the environmental benefits that urban farms and community gardens add to the city, the group hopes to make the case that these areas are a viable part of a city’s green infrastructure. They are currently studying gardens and rooftop farms in NYC to develop metrics to assess their storm water management potentials.
Contacts: Tyle Caruso - tylercaruso@gmail.com and
Erik Facteau - erik.facteau@gmail.com

Stewardship and Environmental Mapping (StEM)
StEM’s mission is to develop the ecological and digital infrastructure to both track and grow urban forest stewardship. Contact:Timon McPhearson

Sunset Ridge Coalition
Sunset Ridge Coalition (SRC) is an informal neighborhood network focused on the maintenance of a high environmental quality of life in the Sunset Ridge neighborhood of New Paltz, New York.  In particular, SRC raises public awareness about issues regarding land-use, open space, and wetlands protection planning.
Contact:  Magdalena Ramirez

The goal of TARGET Tuxedo is to monitor proposals for and the implementation of residential and commercial development in and around the Town of Tuxedo, New York for the benefit of the public at large. TARGET Tuxedo works to raise the general level of awareness within this area about proposed development and ensures that all relevant governmental agencies having authority over such developments properly discharge their duties for the benefit of the public.
Contact: Nancy Hays ndeh@optonline.com 

Thomson-Clarks Mills Residents Committee for a RiverFront Heritage Corridor Park
Thomson-Clarks Mills Residents Committee for a Heritage Corridor Park is establishing 40 acres of land on the Hudson River waterfront a RiverFront Heritage Corridor Park.  Contact:  Kathleen Bartholomay


TreeKIT supports stewardship of the urban forest of New York City by organizing mapping workshops and developing online tools for individual stewards, non-profit groups and municipal foresters to collaboratively track their actions, visualize conditions across the New York City urban forest, and connect with people working nearby. Contact:  Liz Barry

Turf provides community residents with opportunities for improving the health of their Parkchester neighborhood in Bronx, New York through participation in educational workshops on cooking and nutrition, access to sustainable agriculture, and stewardship opportunities at urban and rural farms. In addition to the creation of a local healthy, sustainable food system, residents also work to protect both urban and rural farmland.

Contact:  Sharon Wong

Union Square Native Plant Garden
Located in lower Manhattan's Union Square Park, the garden lies at the intersection of East 15th Street and Union Square West. Contact: Marielle Anzelone

White Roof Project
Started in September 2010 as a group of environmental activists turned roofers, the group educates the public, creates white roof project chapters and motivates volunteers to paint roofs white in partnership with the NYC Department of Buildings as a strategy to reduce stress on NYC’s power grid, lower local ambient air temperatures and combat the Urban Heat Island effect.
Heather James: hjames@whiteroofproject.org

World Ocean Observatory (W2O) 
World Ocean Observatory (W2O) provides a universally accessible, Internet-based place of exchange for information and educational services concerning the ocean. Contact: Peter Neill






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