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About Citizen Action

The Open Space Institute’s Citizen Action program fosters the growth and success of community-based organizations focused on environmental causes.Offering a range of technical and professional support and services, CitizenAction mobilizes newly-formed nonprofi ts to achieve their mission
and meet their organizational goals.

Citizen Action Focus

Now in its fourth decade, Citizen Action has mentored, trained and launched nearly 150 grassroots start-ups in New York City and beyond. With a focus on open space access, outdoors recreation and environmental education, groups under Citizen Action all work in some way to protect the environment. Participants range from community gardens and local land trusts, to environmental educators and promotors of nature-based arts and activities.

What Citizen Action Offers

When participating with Citizen Action, groups gain support:

• Offering workshops and seminars to help grow the project
• Managing grants, contracts and donors
• Meeting strategic goals and outcomes
• Administering monthly and quarterly financial reports
• Serving as a fiscal agent to provide tax-exempt status

For information and inquires

Jessica Watson
Citizen Action Program & Education Manager
























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