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Resilient Landscapes Initiative

Belknap Lake Resilient Landscapes Inititative

Generously supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, OSI launched the Resilient Landscapes Initiative in 2013 to help land trusts and public agencies across the eastern United States respond to climate change. The Initiative seeks to increase conservation of resilient landscapes and to focus land trusts on critical climate priorities. OSI achieves its goals through two capital grant funds in the Northeast and Southeast, and through a fund for outreach and education grants (Catalyst program). The specific geographies and fund guidelines are below. Read the Resilient Landscapes Intiative's overview here.

Grant Funds

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Northeast Resilient Landscapes Fund

The Northeast Resilient Landscapes Fund provides capital grants and loans to land protection projects within selected regions of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Central Appalachians.

Map SE RLI, Southeast Resilience Focus Areas

Southeast Resilient Landscapes Fund

The Southeast Resilient Landscapes Fund provides capital grants and loans to land protection projects within selected regions of the Southeastern United States.


Bear Paw Resilient Map CatalystCatalyst Grants

OSI's Catalyst Program furthers the practical application of climate science and water quality science to land protection through targeted grants for conservation planning and applied research.


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