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Dockside Hudson River

When early Dutch explorers sailed into this section of the Hudson, they called it “Wey Gat” or Wind Gate, later translated as Northgate and today known as Dockside Harbor. In 1999, OSI ensured the long-term protection of a seven-acre waterfront park and twenty acres in the harbor and secured public access to the Hudson River forever.

The park, although small in acreage, is one of the most spectacular sites to take in the Hudson River, offering breathtaking views of Breakneck Ridge to the north, West Point to the south, and Storm King Mountain across the river to the west.  This iconic beauty of the region was best captured in the paintings of the Hudson River School artists, who favored the spot for its scenic splendor as well as the picturesque maritime activity at the Northern Gate of the Hudson Highlands.  

Within easy walking distance of the Cold Spring train station, Dockside’s location makes it a critical link in the Hudson River greenway extending from Foundry Cove to Boscobel, Constitution Marsh, the Malcolm Gordon School, and Philips Brook.  Dockside is also in close proximity to Little Stony Point and Hudson Highlands State Park beyond. 

Read more about the history of dockside, click here.


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