Constitution Marsh

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Constitution Marsh

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Constitution Marsh Hudson River

In 1998, the Open Space Institute protected a key four-acre inholding adjacent to the 270-acre Constitution Marsh Sanctuary, managed by the National Audubon Society. OSI’s addition has forever guaranteed public access to Constitution Marsh as well as provided Audubon with the land for a newly erected Interpretive Center.

Located in the Town of Cold Spring, Putnam County, on the eastern bank of the Hudson River across from West Point, Constitution Marsh is a remarkable ecosystem. The estuarine tidal marsh is a spawning ground and nursery for almost forty species of fish, and is home to Bald Eagles, Least Bitterns and over one hundred other bird species. This mecca for birders and paddlers alike is one of the Hudson’s most unique sites; in fact it is one of only five existing large marshes in the 150-plus miles of tidal river.

With diverse wildlife, scenic vistas and open spaces, Constitution Marsh is a popular destination, and Audubon has many educational programs that take advantage of this incredible natural resource.

Please note that although Constitution Marsh is an excellent spot for paddlers on the Hudson, there is no boat launch site. However, the National Audubon Society does host occasional canoe trips; please contact their office at Constitution Marsh (845) 265-2601, for more information.

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