Lundy Estate

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Lundy Estate

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Formerly closed to the public, the former Lundy Estate now has many miles of newly blazed hiking trails and abundant opportunities for fishing, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing and camping.

Once a private estate, the 5,400-acre Catskill property comprised of nearly one hundred separate land parcels was previously owned by New York restaurateur Frederick W.I. Lundy. Lundy’s Restaurant attracted generations of hungry diners to the sprawling 2,800-seat seafood emporium in Brooklyn, N.Y.

According to eighteenth century records, the Lundy property was once farmed by several families of Dutch descent. Since that time, fields once cleared for raising livestock and growing crops have reverted to forestland. The landscape of the Lundy property is an important wildlife corridor, linking the Catskill Mountains with the Shawangunk Ridge, both areas that OSI has been active in protecting thousands of acres. A six-mile stretch of the Vernooy Kill, a favorite fishing stream, courses through thousands of acres of undeveloped woodlands and wildlands, and a section of the Long Path, a 328-mile regional hiking trail that begins at the George Washington Bridge, runs through the Lundy property.

The Open Space Institute worked with the Trust for Public Land to acquire the Lundy Estate in 2000 in order to protect the natural resources of the property and promote compatible outdoor recreational pursuits. At the time, it was owned by Litas Investment Corporation, which had pursued the development of a theme park on the land. Conservationists heralded the protection of the Lundy property as one of the most significant additions to the publicly held lands of the Catskills since the creation of the Catskill Forest Preserve in the 1880s. In 2002, the property was conveyed to the State of New York, which now manages it for public recreation and wildlife management.


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