OSI Rocky Crest Holsteins formerly Deerfield Farm

Photo Credit: Jerry Monkman

Rocky Crest Holsteins (formerlyDeerfield Farm)

Deerfield Farm

The Open Space Conservancy purchased the 388-acre Deerfield Farm in Delaware County in January 2007 from the Robertsons, whose family had farmed the land since 1944. In 2009 the farm, with an agricultural easement, was passed on to a new generation of farmers.

The land is a beautiful example of the Catskills’ dairy heritage and noteworthy as one of the ten pilot farms in New York’s Whole Farm Planning program. The process was initiated to monitor water quality management on farms and has led to practice guides that could greatly reduce water pollution in the area.

The Watershed Agriculture Council (WAC) is expected to purchase a conservation easement on the land, which will then be sold to Kyle and Bonnie Rockefeller, a young farming couple who grew up in the area, keeping the property active as dairy farm.

The farm was crucial to the development of the Best Management Practices (BMP), gathered from data of a study by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Information gathered from this farm demonstrated that good practices can greatly improve the water quality (both for the local ecology and the New York City residents who drink from this watershed) without decreasing the efficiency of the farming operation.

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