Roxbury Farm

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Roxbury Farm

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Roxbury Farm

                                         Roxbury Farm viewed from Lindenwald

The success of Columbia County’s Roxbury Farm lies in its ability to directly connect people to the food they eat. Roxbury, one of the country’s largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in the country and the first to serve New York City, grows vegetables, herbs, melons, and strawberries for a community that encompasses 995+ shareholders and serves over 1200 families in Columbia County, Manhattan, the Capital Region, and Westchester County.

Roxbury Farm, in Kinderhook, New York, consists of 225 acres of farmland, wetlands, and woods beside the Kinderhook Creek. It contains the largest concentration of Class I soils in Columbia County.

With development at an all-time high in the region, OSI and the Columbia Land Conservancy crafted an agricultural easement in which the land has been taken off the market, permanently. It can never be bought or sold again. It can only be leased by a farmer; the deed held by Equity Trust.

Thirty acres are dedicated to fruits and vegetable production while another 40 acres are planted in soil-building cover crops. Conservation of the Kindherhook Creek Corridor has been a high priority for OSI, where we have protected extensive historic and farm land, including Lindenwald, (Martin van Buren's house), the van Buren Trails, the Luykas van Alen House and the village of Kinderhook—listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

By working with a unique set of partners   including the National Park Service, state and local governments, Columbia Land Conservancy, other nonprofits, and private parties   OSI has preserved a critical piece of our nation's history, productive farmland, and unique recreational resources.

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New York Times Article: Paying to Keep Farmers Down on the Farm; Leasing Plan Requires Land to Be Worked


The New York State Farmland Preservation Program (PDR Program) purchases development rights from willing farmers, placing agricultural land in conservation easements that continues to allow farm activities while restricting non-agricultural related development. Before and after values are determined by an appraisal and the farmer is paid the difference. The Program seeks to ensure the continued economic viability of agriculture. It uses critical mass to keep support services in place and minimize land use conflicts. It provides economic incentives to continue farming by allowing farmers to obtain development value for their property without the development, and it can reduce costs of entry and value for new farmers by creating agricultural and farming availability.

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