Citizen Action Program News: Summer 2016

Events and Updates

Essex Farm Institute

 July 7. Open House Field Day – Cornell Cooperative Extension Willsboro Research Farm. Guests were invited for a tour of the facilities and research plots. They got to learn about juneberry nursery plots, high Tube Tomato Essex Farm Institutetunnel production of cherry tomatoes, demonstrations of summer cover crops, adaptive nitrogen management for field corn, and cold hardy wine grapes, all over light, local refreshments.
July 10. Farm Walk @ Foppert Farm in Saranac, NY. Vistors toured the grounds at Foppert Farm, owned by John Foppert. The farm breeds all kinds of livestock, and is working towards having cattle at the center of the farm.




June 20. Solstice Paddle at Gantry State Park. Locals were able to kayak in the water at Gantry State Park to enjoy the sunset on the longest day of the year and learn about water cleaning and monitoring. This event was also part of OSI’s CitAc exchange! OSI employees participated in the kayaking fun.
July 4. Fourth of July Paddle! The hardworking staff and volunteers of harbor Lab 4th of JulyHarborLAB as well as visitors paddled out at HarborLAB in Queens to watch fireworks blast over the water. It was fun and festive for all!

July 14. Trip Planning Workshop with Wind Against Current. HarborLAB hosted an event right here at Open Space Institute! The co-authors of the popular “Wind Against Current” blog led a free interactive workshop for those wishing to plot safe and fun kayak voyages across our estuary.

August 15. EcoBon Floating Lantern Festival. For EcoBon, a floating lantern ceremony honoring the Earth, children painted lanterns in the weeks leading up to the event. On the evening of August 15th, the lanterns will be released as part of a beautiful ceremony.

The Haven at Skanda
July 30. Join the Haven during Madison County’s 8th Annual Open Farm Day from 10am to 4pm! For more details, click here.

Honoring the Future ®
June 12. A third grader won the inaugural “Garden Challenge” sponsored by Holy Trinity parish in Washington, DC with support from Honoring the Future®.  The student’s award for “Best Garden by an Elementary or Middle School Student” was announced at the annual parish picnic along with awards for “Best Fruit, Vegetable or Herb Garden” and “Best Flower Garden,” both won by adults.

Honoring the Future Steam StemJune 27. Put some STEAM in your STEM. Teachers from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC convened at the idyllic Fox Haven Organic Farm and Learning Center in Jefferson, MD for the all-day multidisciplinary workshop on teaching climate change in middle and high schools.

Isham Park Restoration Program
June 21. Summer Solstice Taste of Inwood at Bruce’s Garden. The Isham Park Restoration Program celebrated the Summer Solstice with delectable offerings of featured Inwood restauranteurs in support of the garden’s preservation. Lots of hungry folks came out to enjoy delicious food and the extra daylight.
isham Park
July 31. Come join Inwood’s premiere Chamber Music Initiative, Listen Closely, in Bruce’s Garden at 4pm. You’ll be glad you did!

Weekly Meditation with Elizabeth Sheridan Mondays at 6pm. Set aside some quiet time for evening meditation at Bruce’s Garden in the gazebo. Entrance on Park Terrace East, 215th Street. All are welcome!

Weekly Preschool On The Planet with Nina Bellisio Fridays at 10am. An hour of exciting educational fun for toddlers aged 1-5.

Weekly Morning Potluck with Nadema Agard Saturdays at 11am. Join us! You ever know who you’ll meet, greet, or what you’ll eat!  

Kensington Stewards
KS Trash MobJune 15. Trash Mob! Volunteers had a blast helping to clean up litter and trash in the plaza. Everyone got to step up and help out and the place looked super clean afterwards.

July 16. Discussion and Music at the Avenue C Plaza. Women were able to sit and chat on Sari mats in the plaza, sharing stories and enjoying a performance from BIPA.


Check out Sprout’s Newsletter for their latest progress and updates!

Talk Trash City
September 14. Inaugural Talk Trash City Event! Come hear four pitches for solutions to NYC’s waste management problems, and select your favorite. The pitch with the most votes will receive seed funding to implement the idea. For details, click here.