Citizen Action Program News: Fall 2015


Compost for Brooklyn

Fall has been a busy time at Compost for Brooklyn. We planted over 75 narcissus bulbs and many plants acquired from the Butterfly Project NYC. In partnership with New York Restoration Project, we gave away 100 trees contributing to the completion of Million Trees NYC. On December 6, visitors of all ages kicked off the bird feeding season with our "Fun with birds and feeders" event. We learned about local species and made mini bird books or 'zines. Throughout the winter months, our young visitors help feed the birds during open hours.

Honoring the Future

January 19, 10-12 noon at the City of Hialeah, Florida’s Milander Center for Arts & Entertainment. “Climate SmART” Panel Program. The panel will explore how artists are calling attention to climate change and pointing the way towards creative solutions; it will be followed by a “Meet the Artists Reception.” The panel and reception are free and open to the public. This program will be the closing event to Honoring the Future’s 7 week Climate Art & Action exhibition at the Milander Center. The Milander Center for Arts & Entertainment is located at 4800 Palm Ave., Hialeah, FL 33012. For more information, see

Sustainability Practice Network

February 2, 6-8pm at Baruch College l Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity - Room 750, 151 E. 25th Street (between Lexington and 3rd Avenue). “Post Paris COP 21 Business Climate” Panel Discussion. RSVP: 

Rondout Valley Growers Association

February 3, 7-9pm at Rondout Valley High School Library. A Bridge to Our Future Sharing our Agricultural Bounty. Join a moderated community forum and panel discussion co-sponsored by the Rondout Valley Central School District and the Rondout Valley Growers Association. Who are tomorrow’s farmers?  What can communities do to support local farming?  What will the farm of the future be like? As we look to build a sustainable economy, healthy environment, and strong community, a discussion around farming is meaningful and timely for our entire region.  Join us as we explore the future of farming in the Rondout Valley, roles for our schools and students, and issues such as food security and hunger. Free and open to the Public! For more information contact:  845-626-1532 or

Sprout Farms

The students in Gaynor Campus garden club completed construction of a 5’x8’ greenhouse at Sure We Can this past December.  The greenhouse is secured to a pallet and filled with a layer of gravel and soil; students sowed oat grass seeds between the strips of pallet.  Students build two tables to fit in the space.  So far the greenhouse holds a variety of seeds the students sowed and a handful of plants from the Sure We Can garden.

At Three Stars garden this fall we added an additional day of recess programming, bringing this programming to twice weekly.  The students tended radish, arugula and carrot seedlings, and sowed garlic and flower bulbs and a variety of pollinator friendly wildflower seeds.  They harvested kale, parsley, cilantro, carrots, radishes, tomatoes and garlic chives (which are a favorite), and enthusiastically dug for worms for the compost and watered the growing plants.  We spread many pounds of garden-made compost and twenty cubic yards of donated mulch.  At the end of the season, the garden hosted Sam Bishop from Trees NY.  He taught us how to train the apple tree branches to induce greater fruit production; it’s possible there will be a small apple harvest next year.

Stuyvesant Pathways

Santa came to the Stuyvesant Depot on December 5, 2015 accompanied by caroling, cookies and hot cocoa. Hot Cocoa was donated by the Riverview Cafe across the road. (The Cafe also provided adult drinks at their bar later). Cookies were home-made and donated by neighbors. Lisanne Jensen hosted a children’s craft table.  Caroling was led by Marilyn Miller, Rick Warren and John Morra. About 40+ neighbors attended.


We are welcoming two new Citizen Action Projects to our program! Read about their grassroots environmental education projects here and look out for updates on their activities.

Renewable Highlands is working to shift communities in the Hudson Highlands region towards environmentally conscious energy consumption and set a model that other communities can follow.

Talk Trash City is a series of fun, energetic conversations intended to critique fresh ideas about handling NYC's waste. Our aim is to create a dialogue between industry experts and entrepreneurs so that ambitious goals can become real, sustainable progress.

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