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New Jersey

Arial View of Appel Farm

Appel Farm Arts and Music Center

The Open Space Institute awarded a $680,000 loan to the Appel Farm Arts and Music Center to help protect 110 acres in southern New Jersey


Cold Brook

The 35-acre Lance Estate is located within the Highlands Preservation Area, an area of statewide conservation concern.


Codario Farm

The 127-acre acquisiton extends Unexpected Wildlife Refuge's 610-acre reserve and helps protect breeding habitat for the Pine Barren tree frog and barred owl.


Stern Fisher Fields and Wetlands

Nestled on Clay Pit Creek, the 40- acre Stern Fisher property provides a critical habitat for endangered and threated species.


Powner Farm

Located adjacent to a greenway of preserved farmland, the 50-acre Powner Farm is a critical link in D & R Greeways efforts to create a greenbelt around the county of Allentown.   


Kiesler Farm

Containing serveral vernal ponds, the 40-acre Kiesler Farm, in Cranbury Township, lies along the Millstone River.


Havey Farm

The 350-acre farm, in Plumstead Township, Ocean County, sits atop the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, and contains the headwaters of Jumping Creek.


Frenchtown Greenbelt 

The Open Space Institute (OSI) provided a loan to help acquire 150 acres of land in Frenchtown, preserving the last large undeveloped tract in this small community.


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