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About the Open Space Institute

Butterville Hills Loop Trail photo Steve Aaron

The Open Space Institute protects scenic, natural and historic landscapes to provide public enjoyment, conserve habitat and working lands and sustain communities.

Founded in 1974 to protect significant landscapes in New York State, the Open Space Institute is a leader in environmental conservation. OSI has partnered in the protection of 2.2 million acres in North America, from Alabama to southeastern Canada. All of OSI’s work is directed by a consistent strategy emphasizing permanent protection on a landscape-level scale. OSI protects diverse landscapes including parks, preserves, working farms and forests, and utilizes climate science to identify critical landscapes for protection. OSI administers grant funds to preserve habitat for rare and endangered species, protect water resources, enhance recreational access and support sustainably managed lands.

We gratefully acknowledge that much of OSI’s work in New York State is accomplished through the Open Space Land Trust, Inc, which received a permanent fund from the Lila Acheson and DeWitt Wallace Endowment in 2001.









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