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Transborder Fund: US/Canada

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OSI's Transborder Land Protection Fund seeks to chart a new path for conservation. The Fund, which provides grants for land conservation transactions, has been shaped by an emerging body of science that suggests the need for larger and more connected protected areas, and for coordinated action between conservation organizations in Canada and the US.

The Fund builds on the Open Space Institute’s conservation work in the US, where we have helped finance the protection of more than a million acres of forestland, and are currently actively protecting wildlife and supporting community forests. With grants from the Partridge Foundation, we are pleased to help support efforts that integrate conservation initiatives in both countries. To achieve this goal, we are guided by a group of Canadian and American advisors who have brought to the Fund wisdom, passion and an ability to think beyond traditional boundaries.


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Grants Application

The Transborder Fund offers grants and loans for projects that will enhance the protection of the Northern Appalachian Acadian eco-region of the eastern United States and southern Canada.


Mt. Elephant TransborderFunded Projects

To date (July 2016), the Transborder Fund has made 27 grants totaling $ 1.8 million to assist in the protection of 44,000 acres (17,800hectares) of exceptional wildlife habitat in three states and three provinces.









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