Views Mountain Lodge, NY

Highlands' Scenic Favorite Saved

After ten years of effort, newly conserved land in the Hudson Highlands will protect drinking water resources for Orange County and safeguard a scenic natural area from regional development. The 416-acre “Mountain Lodge” property, purchased by OSI will buffer the Highlands Trail and the Long Path.


Fahnestock Pulse of the Parks CoverA Look at Who's Visiting Fahnestock

A new report, issued by the Open Space Institute's Alliance for New York State Parks, quantifies the impact of Fahnestock, which attracts 270,000 hikers, swimmers, campers, birders and anglers each year for an escape at beautiful Canopus Lake or a hike along the Appalachian Trail.The survey also captured the park’s role as an economic catalyst, with an estimated $14.5 million impact on the local and state economy. While the park’s numbers swell during the weekend, local visitors keep the park humming throughout the week, contributing to its popularity and economic impact.


Delaware Watershed Map Catalyst and Capital 2015A New OSI Fact Sheet: Understanding Watershed Science

To make watershed science as accessible as possible, OSI recently published an illustrated, six-page primer distilling how literature, models, and data can inform what lands are most important for protecting water quality. It is designed to guide the work of practitioners, as well as public and private funders, and also explains the criteria OSI uses to assess grant requests for land acquisition to our Fund.