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OSI Talking Climate Change On the Road 

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(l-r)David Ray; Peter Howell and Kim Elliman; Abby Weinberg


NEW YORK, NY — March 16, 2015 — While State of Florida employees may not be permitted to refer to climate change in official communications, OSI staff members are actively involved in raising awareness of the issue in the land trust community.

In particular, we’ve been discussing the critical role land protection plays in aiding wildlife adaptation to rapid changes in climate. Using science developed by the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative and The Nature Conservancy’s Eastern Science Division, OSI is helping land trusts to identify areas that will continue to support biodiversity.

Recently and in the coming months, OSI has been invited to present the latest scientific concepts and tools to land trusts and conservation professionals across the Eastern US. Catch us at one of these venues, or follow the links to find presentations that match your interests.



The Forests They Are A-Changin': New Visions of Forest Conservation – Land Trusts and Half-Systems (Part 1)
Land Trust Alliance Southeast Conference, May 13-15, Hendersonville, NC. 
The South is home to up 30% of all forested areas in the US, and some of the most biologically diverse temperate forests in the world. However, they are increasingly threated by suburban sprawl, mining, resource extraction and other issues.

David Ray, OSI’s Southeast Field Coordinator, along with Kristen Austin, Southern Blue Ridge Program Director for The Nature Conservancy (SC), and Forest Stewards (NC) Director Rob Lamb, will participate in the first of two panel sessions about changing conditions in forests and new approaches to dealing with those changes.


Protecting Nature: Landscape Scale Conservation in the United States
Regional Initiatives: A Strategy for Removing Barriers and Moving to Landscape Scale mini-series
February 26, Yale Center for Business and the Environment, View it online

In this webinar, Peter Howell, OSI’s Executive Vice President of Conservation Capital and Research Programs, discussed our work on landscape-scale conservation throughout the Eastern United States. Through recent projects spearheaded by OSI, he illustrated the challenges and opportunities that landscape-scale conservation presents, and shared his insight on current trends regarding conservation in the United States.

Forest Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
2015 New Jersey Land Conservation Conference, March 6, Trenton, NJ

Along with Emile DeVito of the NJ Conservation Foundation and Michael Van Clef of Ecological Solutions, OSI Director of Research Abigail Weinberg addressed the question of which lands we should preserve to be more resilient under climate change. Presenting the results of cutting-edge research on forest resiliency, particularly geology, Abby explained how data on forest resiliency affects land preservation decisions.

PDF of her presentation.

Also on March 6 at the conference, Open Space Institute project manager Tom Gravel, Trust for Public Land senior project manager Kathy Haake and New Jersey Conservation Foundation project manager Beth Davisson led a workshop on the basics of land acquisition for conservation at the New Jersey Land Conservation Rally. The workshop covered such topics as identifying a worthwhile project, devising an acquisition strategy, landowner negotiations, acquisition funding sources, and typical due diligence investigations.

Climate Resilience for Biodiversity: New Science on What Places to Protect and What Land Trusts Can Do About It
March 7, Norfolk Curling Club, Norfolk, CT

Sponsored by the Norfolk Land Trust and OSI, the event centered on this presentation by OSI President and CEO Kim Elliman and Peter Howell.

Integrating New Climate Science into Land Protection
2015 New Hampshire Land Conservation Conference, Saving Special Places, April 11, Weare, NH.

OSI Director of Research Abigail Weinberg will discuss how best to factor climate change into conservation decisions. This session will walk land trusts through various approaches to selecting climate-resilient sites and work through real-world examples of applying datasets and other tools to conservation planning and parcel evaluation.










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