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Senate Budget Plan Halts State Parks Repairs and Upgrades


ALBANY NY — March 17, 2014 —  Comments by Erik Kulleseid, Executive Director, Open Space Institute’s Alliance for New York State Parks

“By slashing $92.5 million from the New York State Park’s capital budget, the Senate is jeopardizing the future of New York’s state park system. Their budget plan halts long overdue repairs and upgrades to New York’s aging state parks that have been put off for decades – projects that range from health and safety and environmental to improving access and preserving historic structures. State parks are enormously important cultural, economic and recreational resources. They attract visitors from beyond New York’s borders, provide jobs in local communities and are a mainstay of affordable recreation for more than 60 million visitors each year. With more than a billion dollars in documented repairs, upgrades and improvements needed at our state parks, we are deeply disappointed that the Senate put these funds at risk. We applaud Governor Cuomo and the State Assembly for standing up for state parks and urge the Senate to restore this critical funding.”

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