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Van Alst, Shawangunks, ny

NEW YORK, NY — October 5, 2011 — The Open Space Institute (OSI), the Brook Farm Project (BFP) and Glynwood met this week to plan for a smooth transition of a portion of the property that OSI purchased from Smiley Brothers Inc. in 2011. The lease to BFP, a 20-acre educational nonprofit demonstration farm that includes a CSA, ends December 31, 2013. As OSI had announced early this year, Glynwood, an agricultural nonprofit dedicated to fostering a regional food system in the Hudson Valley, will be using the 323 acres owned by OSI for a new Farm Business Incubator initiative starting in 2014.

“As we have been through our 40 years of land conservation in the Hudson Valley, we are committed to keeping farmland in production and fostering an agricultural economy,” said Kim Elliman, president and CEO of the Open Space Institute. “The protection of the Mohonk Foothills property fits in with OSI’s land preservation and agricultural missions, and the benefits of an incubator to the New Paltz community and the greater Hudson Valley will be immeasurable.”

Doc Smiley, chairperson of the Brook Farm Project Board of Directors, said: “The Brook Farm Project is proud of our demonstration farm on this historic Mohonk site and of our many programs with SUNY New Paltz students, Culinary Institute students and with other members of the New Paltz community. We are exploring new ways for the BFP to continue activities to meet its mission and values, and we will work with OSI and Glynwood to ensure a smooth transition.”

“Glynwood, OSI and the Brook Farm Project share a common goal for a robust farming future in the Hudson Valley,” said Kathleen Frith, Glynwood’s president. “We look forward to working constructively with a number of like-minded organizations in the region.”





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