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October 31, 2012

Dear Friends,

With Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc on the East Coast this week, we are reminded that catastrophic events can alter our lives in a moment. There is much work to do to recover, and we wish you well during the days and weeks ahead.

Storms such as Sandy and Irene may now be the new normal. Bigger storms, higher sea levels, and heavier precipitation are all results of a changing climate. This is one reason why the Open Space Institute focuses resources on planning and policies to address flooding; on curtailing development on incompatible lands; on necessary infrastructure improvements in our protected lands and parks; and on the protection of watersheds. 

OSI’s focus remains on land conservation targets (watersheds, riparian setbacks and habitat corridors), which can modify the impacts of severe storms and will be better suited to handle the 100-year floods which come with far more frequency these days. And throughout, we preserve the lands that provide refuge for humans and nature alike.

Our thoughts are with all of you, and we hope that in the wake of Sandy, you and your loved ones are safe.

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