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Private Lands, Public Benefits - What people are Saying...

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Open space resources and preferred growth areas in the Catkills

Private Land, Public Benefits: Open Space Resources and Preferred Growth Areas in the Catskills provides maps, data and analysis to help towns, counties, planners, developers and conservation groups identify win-win approaches to conservation and development. Download the full report, access the interactive maps and get the GIS data


What People Are Saying

Ryan Trapani,
Education Forester
Catskill Forest Association

"Our forest health actually depends upon the health of the societies that contain them since both impact each other (and always have). The age of our forests are maturing, and so are our communities. Both lack regeneration in the younger age classes to provide for a healthy future. The older trees are crowding out the understory where little sunlight penetrates and few plants can grow that can provide critical food and cover for wildlife and the humans that require both to survive. In a society that contains a diversity of local markets (say for woody biomass) not only would jobs, families and societies be regenerated and sustained, but so would the biodiversity, and health of our forests.

OSI, Nature Conservancy, Audubon, Catskill Forest Association, Quality Deer Management Association, Watershed Agricultural Council and many more need to spread the word that humans need to take another look at their environment and see how they fit in the picture and landscape, instead of how they are separated from it. Only then, will we truly have smart growth."

Art Siegal, a local resident and open space advocate wrote a memo describing his views of the issues raised in the report. Read it here (pdf).




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