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For the last several months, OSI staff and photographers have been working to create new Google-based maps for use on our website. Now functional, these new maps allow visitors to pick a geographic area of interest, select from a list of projects or photographs, and then zoom into the desired location, making it easier to find OSI project sites and visit them.

OSI’s web team decided to incorporate the Google platform, the standard mapping engine for the majority of web users, so you can easily explore the landscapes we protect both online and on the road. The new interface makes it easier to find directions if you want to take your sightseeing off-line to great protected places to hike, camp, fish or boat.

Our interactive web maps can be found directly on the menu on the top navigation bar. Clicking on “Maps” will bring you to a terrain view of the East Coast with all of OSI's projects pinpointed—from Transborder grants in Canada, land acquisition in New York State on to loan projects in the southern Appalachians.

A menu appears just above the map listing each of OSI’s focus regions—New England, Northern Forest, Adirondacks, Catskills, Hudson Valley, Shawangunks, New Jersey and Southern Appalachians. Click on any of the headings for a map of the selected region.

For an even closer look, you have three options: 1) select a project using the dropdown list at the top right of each map, 2) click on a red pin, which marks the project's location, or 3) choose from one of the spectacular photographs in the gallery below the map.

After selecting a project, you will find a link to project descriptions, and on the top right of the map, options to view the map in Google’s different views (map, satellite, hybrid or terrain).

OSI intends to make our maps even more user-friendly. We invite you to check out our new features and send us feedback, photographs and stories about our landscapes to share on the web.

Send to: You can upload your photographs to our flickr photostream:





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