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Northern Forest Protection Awarded Grants 2001

New Hampshire - 12/13/2001 - Pond of Safety The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is receiving a grant of $400,000 for the purchase of land totaling 13,910 acres in northern New Hampshire. Approximately 10,198 acres will be owned and managed as a sustainable community forest by the Town of Randolph, protected through a conservation easement. The remaining 3,712 acres will be purchased in fee by the U.S. Forest Service as an addition to the White Mountain National Forest. The acquisition permanently protects a critical wildlife corridor between the Kilkenny and Presidential units of the White Mountain National Forest. The project contains very high recreation and scenic values and provides the critical linkage to create 950,000 acres of contiguous conserved lands. For more information, contact: Erin Rowland, The Trust for Public Land, 617-367-6200 ext. 321

Bunnell Tract The Nature Conservancy (TNC) New Hampshire Chapter will receive a $400,000 grant toward the purchase of 18,680 acres in northern New Hampshire. It is contiguous to the Nash Stream State Forest. TNC will manage 10,330 acres as an ecological reserve, which will protect 13 peaks above 3,000 feet and 28 miles of stream frontage. The remaining lands will be protected through a working forest conservation easement and sold to a private timberland investment company. For more information, contact: Cathy Doyle, The Nature Conservancy, 603-224-5853

New York:

Adirondack Lakes The Nature Conservancy (TNC) New York Chapter purchased three tracts of land totaling 26,500 acres in the heart of the central western Adirondacks. The tract encompasses 4 lakes, 12 smaller lakes and ponds and extensive river frontage. TNC will sell some lands to the State of New York for additions to the State Preserve and some as a working forest, protected with a conservation easement. A historic canoe route will be reopened with this purchase. An area of 12,500 acres will be managed by TNC as an ecological reserve. The area joins 195,000 acres of contiguous protected lands. TNC is receiving a grant of $400,000. For more information, contact: Connie Prickett, The Nature Conservancy, 518-576-2082


Black Falls The Green Mountain Club, Inc. is receiving a $240,000 grant for the purchase of 3,764 acres of forestland in the northern Green Mountains that will be added to the Jay State Forest. The 2,864-acre Upper Basin will be managed as an ecological reserve. Timber harvesting will be permitted on the remaining 900 acres. The Catamount Trail, a cross-country trail running the length of Vermont traverses the property. The Long Trail, the nation's oldest long-distance hiking trail is adjacent to the property, providing spectacular views of the land. The project is part of a growing complex of conservation lands in the area totaling 30,000 acres. For more information, contact: Ben Rose, The Green Mountain Club, 802-244-7037


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