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Conservation Capital Program 2014

Conservation Capital All regions map 2014


Conservation Capital Funds Map 2014          

Bear Paw Resilient Map Catalyst

Research and Catalyst Grants

To be successful, the land conservation movement needs tools and strategies in order to protect critical open spaces. OSI's research brings practical solutions to the land use challenges facing practitioners, funders and policy-makers. In 2014 OSI made 11 grants through its Resilient Landscapes Catalyst Fund. 


Bayshore-Highlands Fund

OSI provided $700,800 in 8 grants totalling 1,283 acres, valued at close to $5,300,000 in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.   


Community Forest Fund

OSI made an a $14,300 Community Forest Fund Support Grant to the Androscoggin Land Trust for "Engaging Communities in Creating and Managing the Androscoggin Greenway Community Forest in Maine."  


Northeast Resilient Landscapes Fund

OSI made grants totalling $381,500 to four land trusts for projects totalling 1,769 acres valued at $3,790,575. 

Southern Cumberland Land Protection Fund

OSI made a $53,000 grant to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division to protect the Pigeon
Mountain Southern Timber tract of 343 acres. The project was valued at $530,000.


Transborder Land Protection Fund

OSI in 2014 made three grants totalling $220,000 to protect 1,290 acres.


Western Massachusetts Land Protection Fund

New England Foresty Foundation recieved a $100,000 grant to protect 748 acres valued at $617,900 for the Western Massachusetts Aggregation project.






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