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$5 Million Available to Buffer Military Bases

Coastal Georgia

New York, NY – September 12, 2012 - Department of Defense 2013 Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI) Challenge may provide up to $5 million in additional FY13 funding for land transaction(s) in selected states that limit incompatible development in the vicinity of these military bases or relieve current or anticipated environmental restrictions on military testing, training, or operations.

This is the second round of funding for the REPI Challenge Program, which seeks to encourage conservation at greater scale, and ideally, the use of new and diverse sources of funding. Innovative partnerships that bring new ways of thinking to the REPI process are strongly encouraged; governments, corporations, private investors, and conservation groups are welcome
to participate in this process. 

The pre-proposal form for the Department of Defense 2013 Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI) Challenge is now available.  Interested parties may download the fillable pdf here or via email by contacting The deadline for submissions is 8 p.m. EDST, October 15, 2012.  Read the full Request for Proposals here.

REPI helps fund partnerships between the Military Services and private conservation groups and state and local governments to address the need for compatible land use and conserved natural landscapes in support of military readiness.  REPI has a long and successful history of partnerships around the country. However, the challenges of conserving the large acreages necessary to adequately buffer military bases threatened by near‐term incompatible development remain daunting. For this reason, the REPI staff now seeks proposals that will help accelerate land conservation efforts through innovative partnerships and financing.

In particular, the REPI program seeks to harness the creativity of the private sector to access and leverage unconventional sources of funding, attract additional philanthropic sources, and take advantage of market‐based approaches to secure the most land at the least cost. Select installations in the 23 states, including around Fort Drum in New York, have been identified as eligible location for this pilot program.

The 2012 REPI Challenge resulted in the Georgia Land Trust receiving $4.5 million in REPI funds to purchase 5,508 acres in Georgia’s Ft. Stewart’s Priority Area 1, where potential changes in current land use would have the most significant negative effect on training operations. This single transaction protected 24% of Stewart’s Priority 1 Area and when combined with earlier projects resulted in a grand total of 74% of the most critical areas being protected from incompatible uses.  This tract is located between two rapidly-growing communities, and the potential for development represented a significant threat to Ft. Stewart’s military operations. The REPI award was matched by $5.5 million in cash contributions and bargain sale value from the property owner.

The US Endowment for Forests and Communities is managing the grant application process.  The Open Space Institute was involved in the design and implementation of Round I.


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