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Second Orange County Farm Easement Utilizes Community Preservation Funds

Bazylevsky Farm, Orange County, NY

NEW YORK, NY — May 15, 2012 — Working together with the town of Warwick, the Open Space Institute has protected the Bazylevsky Farm, the second farm that the organization has preserved in Orange County this year.

The 122-acre Bazylevsky property, also known as Rabbit Run Farm, is located in the hamlet of Bellvale, where it sits adjacent to two of the largest protected farms in town. Along with the Hampton Hill Farm, which OSI preserved in February, Bazylevsky is being protected with funds from Warwick’s Community Preservation Act, which was approved by voters in 2006.

The Open Space Conservancy, the land acquisition affiliate of the Open Space Institute, acquired a conservation easement that limits future development on the farm.

“This transaction symbolizes Warwick’s continued commitment to agricultural preservation while protecting a significant viewshed for Orange County residents,” said OSI President and CEO Kim Elliman.

Over the past 10 years, the town of Warwick has been extremely active preserving land. During that time it has conserved more than 3,000 acres of important farmland and watershed lands while identifying another 3,000 acres as conservation priorities for the next five years.  

“The town of Warwick is once again proud to partner with OSI to preserve another critical farm in Warwick,” said Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton. “This farm completes a critical mass of working farms that sit over one of the largest aquifers in Orange County, thus not only protecting the farm but also drinking water for thousands of residents.”

Although the Bazylevsky family now lives in California, the preservation of their farmland was quite meaningful.

“My wife Christine and I decided to preserve our land, Rabbit Run Farm, given how special a place Warwick has become for our family,” said Bo Bazylevsky. “Whether we are there for a weekend or an entire season, the farm has become our sanctuary—where our girls can run free and explore all of the beauty and wonder that exists in the great outdoors, and feel safe and truly at home.

“The magnificent farms adjacent to ours, such as Wisner Buckbee's dairy farm and others, were the reason that we fell in love with Warwick in the first place. We greatly support OSI's efforts to preserve the region's farmland, habitat lands and countryside, and hope that other landowners who love the area as much as we do will join this worthwhile initiative.”

In addition to the Bazylevsky and Hampton Hill farms, OSI also acquired an easement in May 2011 that protected the 120-acre Wright Farm in Warwick.   

Another partner in the project, the Orange County Land Trust, has been entrusted with third-party enforcement power, which ensures that the terms of the conservation easement will be followed.









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