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Saving New England's Wildlife Grants Round III

In early October, OSI’s Saving New England’s Wildlife initiative will begin soliciting letters of interest for both capital and non-capital grants. Supported by a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Saving New England’s Wildlife funds projects that accelerate the conservation of high-priority wildlife habitat in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The initiative makes grants for the purchase of permanent conservation easements and fee interest in land, as well as for efforts that increase funding and amplify support for wildlife habitat protection.

Program information is available here and details on how to apply for funding will be available by October 1.

Saving New England’s Wildlife has helped land trusts in New England protect vulnerable wildlife habitat from Downeast Maine through central New Hampshire to western Massachusetts. Eleven projects have closed to date, accounting for the conservation of more than 6,600 acres.

To complete those projects, OSI has made $1.6 million in grants, with matching grants from other agencies and donors bringing the total investment in conservation to over $18 million. Thanks to our grantees’ exemplary projects, habitat for migrating shorebirds, eastern rattlesnakes, Blanding’s turtles, bald eagles and scores of other wildlife are now forever conserved.



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