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Open Space Institute
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Greg Miller Winter Panorama Header

January 20, 2010
In This Issue
  • Crossing the Border Keeps Acadian Forest Intact
  • Windrush Farm: Wildlife and Watersheds
  • New Funding Resources Save More Ulster Lands

  • Crossing the Border Keeps Acadian Forest Intact
    Van Buren St. John River Transborder

    Stretching for hundreds of miles across two countries, the Northern Appalachian/Acadian ecoregion's forests provides habitat for hundreds of species and jobs for those whose livelihood depends on the forest's continued good health.


    Windrush Farm: Wildlife and Watersheds

    Windrush Farm

    Windrush Farm contains state-recognized wildlife habitat supporting Blanding’s turtle and the blue-spotted salamander. Its protection creates a nearly 1,800-acre contiguous block of conservation land and connects to the Bay Circuit Trail and Boxford State Forest.


    New Funding Resources Save More Ulster Lands

    Palmateer Property, New Paltz NY

    The 52-acre Palmateer acquisiton is the first conservation project undertaken by the town of New Paltz using funds from its Clean Water and Open Space Protection Bond Act. The property forms a scenic backdrop to the Village of New Paltz.

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    February 12, 2010 is the deadline to apply for the McHenry Hudson River Grants. We strongly encourage organizations to seek out talented and motivated students to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

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    March 5, 2010 is the deadline to apply for the Western Massachusetts Grant Fund.

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    The Fall/Winter edition of our print newsletter is in the mail. OSI Donors will receive a copy. You can also sign up online.

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    From the creation and expansion of beloved recreational amenities to wildlife habitat conservation, OSI again established itself as a conservation leader in 2009.

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    News and updates from OSI's Citizen Action Program. 

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