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Open Space Institute
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The Open Space Institute
June 2009
In this Issue
  •     Photographer Greg Miller's adventure on the Hudson river
  •     New Transborder Protection Fund protects more than 
        80 million acres
  •     Walker County, Georgia gets some help from OSI

6 miles an hour x 315 miles = 100 years on the Hudson
315 miles on the Hudson River

Few have traveled so slowly, or weathered as many mishaps—in the last century or so, anyway—along the Hudson River as Greg Miller. Follow his story as he sets out to photograph the shorelines of the Hudson River, inch by inch, for a ground-breaking exhibit, "Panorama of the Hudson River." This is the first in a three-part series that will be continued monthly on the web.

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Conservation without a passport
Conservation Across Borders

Encompassing more than 80 million acres, the largely forested Northern Appalachian/Acadian eco-region of northeastern Canada and the United States provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. OSI’s Transborder Land Protection Fund is the first of its kind.

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Connecting the wild spaces of Northwest Georgia
Connecting the Wild Spaces of Northwest Georgia

With a grant from the Northwest Georgia Land Protection Fund, OSI has assisted in the protection of 572 wooded acres in Walker County, Georgia—where OSI has previously worked to preserve more than 2,500 acres of endangered wildlife habitat.

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The Spring/Summer edition of OPEN SPACE, our print newsletter, celebrates the Hudson's 400th year. OSI Donors will receive a copy in the mail. Sign up online for the print edition.

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The Open Space Institute

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