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Trees at Tahawus 580
New research indicates forests play a greater role in reducing climate change than previously thought. Indeed, the stored carbon in the 2.2 million acres of land protected by OSI over the past 40 years is equivalent to the amount of heat-trapping gases produced by 40 coal-fired power plants.
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Talk Trash City 600 enews citac
Talking Trash in NYC
With OSI’s support, New York City-based Talk Trash City is employing a fun and creative approach to address one of the city’s biggest climate-related problems: waste management.

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Stonehouse Forest Monkman
Protecting Climate Havens in New England
OSI and its partners have added nearly 2,800 acres of land to nature preserves across northern New England though a series of targeted conservation projects. The climate-resilient properties will provide places for people, plants, and wildlife to carry on in the face of a changing planet.
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Cape Viking 555
OSI was among the organizations joining forces to protect a key parcel near the shoreline in Cape May, New Jersey. The newly conserved land contains sensitive migratory bird habitat, buffers against sea level rise, and protects a critical forest that helps recharge groundwater.
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Upstate Forever
Land Trusts respond to Climate Change
Since 2014, nearly 100 land conservation organizations have integrated climate-change science into their land-protection plans with support from OSI. These grants and technical assistance are part of LTA’s Climate and Land Program and encourage land trusts to lead the way on addressing climate change.
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Wildacres 555
A CLIMATE stonghold in North Carolina
An OSI grant helped protect 1,076 acres adjacent to Pisgah National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The property, home to pristine streams and critical natural heritage areas, is a prime example of highly climate-resilient land.
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Black Rock Forest Greg Miller 555
Climate Conservation IN NY's ORANGE COUNTY
Land protection in fast-growing communities can be challenging. But in New York’s Orange County, OSI and local partners have successfully conserved landscape-scale properties to improve recreation, filter water, and permanently protect the county’s climate-resilient corridor. 

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