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SEE and celebrate "SAVING cHERRY VALLEY"
In September, conservation partners celebrated the addition of over 4,300 acres to Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The project was an amazing success for the bog turtle, migratory birds, the Appalachian Trail — and drinking water within the Delaware River Watershed. A new film celebrates this watershed acquisition, completed with the support of two grants from OSI.
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South Carolina Mac Stone
Protecting DRINKING WATER IN THE Delaware
One property contains 16 mountaintops; another is home to a glacial bog; and a third includes a stream teeming with native trout. Seven recent land conservation projects supported by OSI’s Delaware River Watershed Conservation Protection Fund are places to write home about.
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Triple Diamond Ranch ariel CWard 555
osi conserves land IN eVERGLADES HEADWATER
A major conservation “win” in Florida’s Everglades Headwaters Conservation Area is directly contributing to the conservation of more than 200,000 contiguous acres.The protection of the “Triple Diamond Ranch” will enhance water quality in the Kissimee River, Lake Okeechobee, and the Everglades.
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2Hannacroix Creek Charlie Burgess 555
Not only is Hannacroix Preserve home to blue-winged warblers and the centuries-old stone foundation of a mill and home, its scenic falls also drain directly into the Hudson River. Now, the popular New York preserve and all its charms are permanently in the hands of a local land conservancy, thanks to OSI.

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Trees forest Brett Cole
protecting forests Ensures CLEAN WATER
The Delaware River springs from the tranquil woodland streams of the Pocono Mountains, and then swells and gains force as it meanders through 42 counties in five mid-Atlantic States. Read how OSI's Delaware River Watershed Protection Fund, with support from the William Penn Foundation, is helping to safeguard drinking water for 5 percent of the nation’s population.
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How Science informs Healthy Watersheds
How can water utilities, government agencies, and other funders direct investment in land protection to maintain water resources? New research sponsored by OSI goes a step further in answering this essential question, to ensure we keep clean water clean for future generations.
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Waccamaw River Mac Stone 555
OSI Land DEAL prepares TOWN for flooding
A visionary partnership has conserved a key property in a longstanding effort to safeguard one South Carolina community from recurring catastrophic flooding.Three record-breaking floods in four years encouraged local officials to look to effective, natural solutions to protect land in the floodplain.
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